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Madeira November Events 2024

November 2024 in Madeira features a range of events that celebrate the island’s rich culture and the autumn season. This month, visitors can experience various cultural festivals, showcasing local music, dance, and culinary traditions. It’s an ideal time to enjoy the harvest season’s bounty, with events often centered around wine and gastronomy, reflecting Madeira’s renowned culinary heritage. Additionally, the mild autumn weather provides a perfect backdrop for outdoor activities and exploring the island’s diverse landscapes. November in Madeira offers a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with the local community and experience the island’s traditions amidst the beauty of the changing season.

November is the month of the Chestnut Festival. It is also in November 2024 that it takes place other important events such as the Madeira International Bridge Open.

Chestnut Festival

Organized by Casa do Povo do Curral das Freiras to promote this important agricultural product, the Chestnut Festival is an opportunity for visitor to taste the gastronomic specialities made with this dry fruit: roasted chestnuts, liqueurs and delicious cakes.There is also a culinary competition running in the local restaurants where traditional local food is served.
Come to the Nun’s Valley and taste these special chestnut treats!

Date: 01/11/2024
Locality: Curral das Freiras

Madeira International Bridge Open
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Madeira International Bridge Open

The Madeira International Bridge Open is a prestigious bridge tournament held in Madeira, attracting players from around the world. This event is recognized for its high level of competition and friendly atmosphere, making it a key date in the international bridge calendar. Participants compete in various categories and formats, showcasing their skills in this strategic card game. The tournament not only offers an opportunity for top-level bridge play but also encourages social interaction and cultural exchange among players from different countries. Set against the backdrop of Madeira’s beautiful landscapes, the Madeira International Bridge Open is a perfect blend of competitive sport and leisure, appealing to bridge enthusiasts of all levels. More info.

Date: 2-13 November
Locality: Funchal

ADN Race

The ADN Race in Madeira is an adventure race that challenges participants with a variety of physical and mental tasks. Set against the diverse terrain of Madeira, this event includes activities like trail running, mountain biking, and orienteering. The race is designed to test the endurance, navigation skills, and teamwork of the competitors as they navigate through different checkpoints across the island. The ADN Race attracts a wide range of participants, from amateur adventurers to experienced racers, all looking to experience the thrill of adventure sports in the stunning natural setting of Madeira. It’s an event that combines the spirit of competition with the love for outdoor activities, offering an exhilarating experience for both participants and spectators.

Date: 5 November
Locality: Ponta do Sol

Sandokan Enduro
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Sandokan Enduro

The Sandokan Enduro in Calheta is an exciting mountain biking event that challenges participants with the rugged and varied terrain of the Calheta area. Named after the legendary fictional pirate Sandokan, this enduro race is known for its demanding courses, which include steep descents, technical sections, and fast-paced trails. Riders of various skill levels come to test their abilities and compete against each other, navigating through beautiful landscapes that offer both challenge and scenic beauty. The event not only highlights the skills and endurance of the riders but also showcases the natural beauty and outdoor adventure opportunities in Calheta, making it a popular event among the mountain biking community.

Date: 7 November
Locality: Calheta

Madeira Piano Fest

The Madeira Piano Fest is an esteemed music event that celebrates the art of piano performance in Madeira, Portugal. This festival brings together accomplished pianists from around the world, offering a platform for both classical and contemporary piano music. Audiences can enjoy a variety of concerts featuring solo and ensemble performances, showcasing the versatility and richness of the piano repertoire. The event is known for its high artistic standards and provides an opportunity for music lovers to experience world-class piano music in the culturally rich setting of Madeira. The Madeira Piano Fest not only highlights the talents of renowned pianists but also contributes to the island’s vibrant cultural scene.

Date: 8-12 November
Locality: Funchal

Sounds and Flavours of Madeira

The Sounds and Flavours of Madeira is an event that celebrates the rich culinary and musical heritage of Madeira, Portugal. This event showcases the diverse range of local cuisine, offering tastings of traditional Madeiran dishes and drinks, including the famous Madeira wine. Alongside the gastronomic experience, attendees are treated to performances of traditional Madeiran music, featuring folk tunes and dances that reflect the island’s cultural history. The combination of delicious local flavors and lively music provides a sensory experience that highlights the unique identity of Madeira. This event is a wonderful opportunity for visitors and locals alike to immerse themselves in the authentic sounds and flavors of the island.

Date: 10-12 November
Locality: Santa cruz

Saint Martin Festivities

The Saint Martin Festivities in Madeira are a local celebration of Saint Martin, known for combining religious observance with popular traditions. In Madeira, this event is typically celebrated with a festive spirit, involving activities like the Magusto, where people gather to roast chestnuts and enjoy seasonal produce like new wine. The festivities often include street fairs, music, and dance, reflecting the joyous atmosphere associated with Saint Martin’s Day. It’s a time for communities to come together, sharing in the food, fun, and gratitude that mark the occasion. The Saint Martin Festivities in Madeira are a vivid display of the island’s cultural heritage and its penchant for communal celebration.

Date: 10 November

The Essence of Wine

The Essence of Wine Show brings together local and national winemakers in one of the biggest wine shows in Portugal. Held at the Savoy Palace Hotel, the event comprises of wine tastings, show cooking by renowned chefs as well as plenty of advice, good food and a chance to sample some of the best wines Madeiran and Portugal has to offer.

Date: 23-25 November

Madeira Dig Festival

The Madeira Dig Festival is a contemporary music and digital art festival held in Madeira, Portugal. This event is known for showcasing a diverse lineup of international artists who specialize in electronic and experimental music, along with innovative digital and visual arts. The festival provides a platform for cutting-edge performances and installations, often set in unique and intimate venues across the island. It’s a meeting point for artists and audiences who are passionate about avant-garde art forms and digital creativity. The Madeira Dig Festival is celebrated for its eclectic and forward-thinking approach, offering a unique cultural experience that blends music, technology, and art in the picturesque setting of Madeira.

Date: 30th of November to 5th of December, 2023
Locality: Calheta, Ponta do Sol

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