"Month of the Sea - Challenges and Opportunities for the Sea Madeira"Madeira Island News 

“Month of the Sea – Challenges and Opportunities for the Sea Madeira”

The “Month of the Sea” is an initiative of the Clube Naval do Funchal in partnership with the Natural Park of Madeira, Port of Funchal and Madeira Delegation of the Portuguese Association of the Disabled, and encompasses a series of activities aimed at celebrating our largest and most valuable natural resource asset: the Sea
Under the slogan “Celebrate with us our greatest resource,” the “Month of the Sea” has a wide range of activities, which includes the 2nd edition of the International Congress of Sport and the Sea, various formations of watersports and activities, including sports adapted for those who are disabled.

In Madeira, where the sea temperature in summer presents averages of 22 ° C in winter and 18 º C, it is possible to practice nautical activities throughout the year, making this destination unique and special qualities.
Come live this challenge, a paradise here next!

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