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Madeira February Events 2024

February 2024 in Madeira is a lively and colorful month, highlighted by the famous Madeira Carnival, one of the island’s most anticipated events. This extravagant celebration is known for its grand parades, dazzling costumes, and vibrant music, drawing inspiration from both local traditions and global influences. The month is also a great time to explore Madeira’s natural beauty, with mild winter weather ideal for outdoor activities. In addition to the carnival, various cultural and gastronomic events showcase the island’s rich heritage and culinary delights. February in Madeira offers a perfect blend of festive excitement and the serene beauty of the island’s landscapes.

February marks compass for the last preparations for the Carnival celebrations in Madeira . Take a break in your day -to-day , and come to discover the thrill of a single destination , so close !

Compadres Feast

Compadres Feast

The “Festa dos Compadres” marks the opening of the Carnival season in Madeira, a tradition dating back more than 50 years, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Santana, an event that will take place on 9,11,12 and 16 February. More info

Date: 02/02/2024 – 04/02/2024 / 12:00
Locality: Santana

Children’s Carnival

Children’s Carnival

On the Friday morning before Carnival, about a thousand young revellers, coming from different educational institutions of Funchal, parade along the Central Promenade of Avenida Arriaga, wearing their Carnival costumes in an atmosphere full of fantasy and animation.

Date: 09/02/2024 – 10:30
Locality: Funchal

Madeira events for February 2024


Solidarity Carnival

The city centre is once again decked out with another entertainment initiative that stands out for its originality and creativity. With contagious energy, hundreds of revelers from the Funchal Community Development Association parade along Avenida Arriaga to the Municipal Garden, where the show will take place.

Date: 09/02/2024 – 14:30
Locality: Funchal

Carnival Allegoric Parade

The highlight of the Carnival festivities takes place on Saturday evening with the exuberant Allegorical Parade. Approximately 1,500 extravagantly dressed revellers and more than a dozen merry floats are part of this parade. This carnival parade, brimming with glitter, colour, rhythm and lots of samba, attracts thousands of locals and tourists to the centre of Funchal in a true ode to revelry.

Date: 10/02/2024 – 20:00
Locality: Funchal

Slapstick Parade

Slapstick Parade

On Shrove Tuesday there is another parade in Funchal known as “Cortejo Trapalhão”, which can be classified as satirical and based on cultural heritage. This parade represents the one that originally took place spontaneously along Rua da Carreira in the first half of the 20th century. The creativity of the participants knows no bounds and ranges from social and political satire, to traditional frames, to simple costumes.

Date: 13/02/2024 – 16:00
Locality: Machico

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day celebrated by many people throughout the world. Escape on a romantic getaway to Madeira island, explore nature and enjoy some one-on-one time with your loved one.

Date: 14/02/2024
Locality: Funchal

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