What to do in Madeira

In Madeira, leisure activities are very diverse and will satisfy all your desires. The Atlantic Ocean offers superb conditions for sailing, fishing, whale watching and dolphin watching, water skiing, surfing, diving and of course, swimming. The sea temperature varies between 18 and 24 º C, depending on the time of year. Diving enthusiasts should not miss the shore of Tern, which is one of the oldest underwater nature reserves in Europe.

What to do in Madeira

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On land, recreational opportunities are also very varied. For a day out, you can opt for a tour bus in Madeira, leaving the discomfort of driving to a professional and relaxed leaving the discovery of the most beautiful landscapes of the island. You can visit the escarpments of the North and West, the mountains of the south and east or take a half-day trip to the famous Nun’s Valley.

Walking the taken from Madeira offers an excellent opportunity to discover nature, landscapes and tranquil surroundings of the island.

What To Do In Madeira

What to do in Madeira
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    me gustaria ir a madeira soy de la palma y queria informacion de hotel cuesta por dia y avion para noviembre 2013 pe han contado que es un encanto de isla gracia un salludo.

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