The Ultimate Madeira Adventure Bucket ListMadeira Guide 

The Ultimate Madeira Adventure Bucket List

 As one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Madeira is an archipelago in Portugal. Known as the jewel ofthe Atlantic, the region has a vast amount of majestic scenery. Tourists will certainly enjoy all the thingsMadeira can offer.

Madeira’s best attributes are its breathtaking natural resources. Whether sipping their exceptional wine orplaying in your favourite European online casinos, it is the best place for you to chill and relax. Easily, the besttrip ever.

Here are the best things to include in your Madeira adventure bucket list.

Levada Walks & Touring Madeira’s Natural Landmarks

There’s no better way to start your vacation by taking a walk to visit the region’s most magnificentlandmarks. Whether you want to visit the movie-like reserve of Ponta de Sao Lourenco or walk along hundred-year-old water channels, everything’s definitely worth it.

Pico Ruivo offers travelers a rich and flourishing tropical forest. Go for a picnic in a Santana cottage and justenjoy the peace and quiet. Madeira’s thriving flora contributes a lot to the enchanting feel of the area.

Hike Madeira’s Peak

Want to test your limits and achieve some first times? Then, you can try to hike Madeira’s summit. With anelevation of 1,862 meters, you can trek various trails going to the peak.

The hike is approximately six hours, but hikers won’t notice it passing by because of the stunning views andscenery. Madeira usually has a spring-like climate, just the perfect weather for a hike.

Going For A Skywalk & Cable Car

Do you want to see Madeira from a bird’s eye view? Head on to Madeira’s south coast where you will findyourself on top of a 580-metre cliff. This skywalk hangs over the edge and gives you a clear view of the oceanbelow.

If you prefer a 360 degree view of the area, riding the cable car in Funchal is a must. It starts in Almirante Reisand takes you high above to Monte. Though, you have to be ready for the long lines, especially during peakseasons.

Panoramic & Waterfall Drive

Another thing to add to your bucket list is to explore the area with your car. Despite the rough terrain,Madeira has a good road system. You can drive around and still have constant views of the ocean and nature.

Also, you can embark on a unique adventure by driving under Cascata dos Anjos. It is a waterfall that flowsout onto a section of an old highway. Make sure to get that perfect shot to remember the moment.

Water Excursion & A Visit To The Whale Museum

Diving, snorkelling, and boat trips are some water activities you can try. Surrounded by crystal-clear water,doing such activities will make you enjoy Madeira to the fullest. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even get to seewhales up close. Madeira has an incredible Whale Museum, so make sure to include that in your itinerary.

Have A Glass Of Madeira Wine

To cap offyour night or trip, never miss out on a glass of the special Madeira wine. Considered as its bestexport, this premium drink is the wine of choice of many prominent individuals. The exquisite flavour willsurely linger in your mind, together with the memories you created in Madeira.

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