Travels to Madeira, what to do when you arriveMadeira Guide 

Travels to Madeira, what to do when you arrive

Madeira is an island of high contrast, so it will not be very difficult for you to choose a beautiful and comfortable place to stay in any of the areas that we propose below, depending on the type of trip you decide to undertake.

Accommodation in Madeira is generally very cheap. In other words, 3- and 4-star hotels are cheap and of good quality, so flights to the island can sometimes be expensive, but you can save a lot of accommodation.

Eating in Madeira is also cheap and is a great way to get to know the island, so we recommend choosing accommodation without a full board.

A good alternative could be a villa-type hotel or a house, an apartment or a chalet (the latter is the most common type of accommodation on the island). Most of these proposals have kitchens, which are usually pleasant and well-kept places.

Secure your accommodation

If you are traveling to Madeira to go to the beach, it is a good idea to book accommodation in a hotel with a pool or near the sea in question. Madeira does not have many beaches, in fact, most of them are artificial and most are on the south coast. For its part, the south coast is also the region with the best climate.

There is no better way than to secure accommodation in Madeira through the Nomadvisor, online. There are many offers of colonial houses, hotels, especially in Funchal, however, if you want to stay in a particular city, it is advisable to book in advance.

Holiday homes and chalets are available to rent in the village and fill up very quickly, especially at fixed times of the year.

What to expect when visiting Madeira

As we have explained, Madeira is a small island in Portugal and, to the surprise of many, a wonderful tourist destination. It is definitely a beautiful island that will not disappoint you, it has an enviable climate, you eat delicious food and the people are very friendly.

About 260,000 people live on Madeira, of which 120,000 live in the capital, Funchal.

Funchal reaches directly to the sea and the foot of the mountain, and therefore, the windows of the space that you rent can directly face the ocean. It is a very beautiful capital, which has preserved its essence for many years.

Activities to do in Madeira

Hundreds of years ago, the conquerors came to an island in the middle of the sea and were amazed at the large number of trees there, which is why they called it Madeira.

Today, the locals call it a dry tree, but still the island is still beautiful.

Madeira is also known as the Island of Flowers: due to the climate and many exotic flowers capable of growing easily, such as the Estrelitzia and birds of paradise. Although as you may realize, it could also easily be called “The Island of Colors”.

Go to the Dos Lavradores market, a must-see in Madeira

Once on the island, you can enjoy an explosion of colors and flavors, including flowers, food, spices and countless exotic fruits such as: dragon fruits, various types of mangoes and papayas.

At the bottom of the market, there is a fishmonger where you can buy and save on the products, at an affordable price and quality.

Walk to the cable car and the old fortress

You can take the cable car to the top of Funchal and visit the botanical gardens. If you decide on the contrary, go to the fortress, you can tour the interior or look at it from the outside while you bathe in the sea.

You decide, although our recommendation is that you go for the second option.

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