Pedagogical Quinta dos Prazeres - Quinta Pedagógica dos Prazeres 1LOCALS 

Pedagogical Quinta dos Prazeres – Quinta Pedagógica dos Prazeres

In the Parish of Prazeres , Quinta teaching , is another of the places to visit. This is a draft valuation rural promoted by local parish , which offers visitors a wide variety of teas , which can be consumed in tea house that exists there , and fruits that are consumed in the form of natural juices , jams and even liqueurs .

Pedagogical Quinta dos Prazeres

Pedagogical Quinta dos Prazeres

The cultivation and harvest of each plant this fifth place in the natural environment , using the wisdom and environmentally friendly techniques , to ensure the end products of excellent quality .

By purchasing these products is to contribute to the socio- economic dynamics of rural areas , as well as for economic development and preservation of family immense flora species in the region .

Another component of this project is to create a space to house some animals . Thus , visitors are allowed contact with some species do not exist on the regional such as : the llamas, emus and Vietnamese pigs .


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