Hotels Madeira on their way to sellout at End of YearMadeira Island News 

Hotels Madeira on their way to sellout at End of Year

The survey to members of the Chamber ‘s Hospitality ACIF – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madeira found favorable estimates for the hotels in the island next Christmas and End of Year in Hotels Madeira.

The survey was carried out between 3 and 5 December , with data provided of tourist facilities representing 11,167 of the approximately 28,000 beds that make up the market . Ie around 40 % of the traditional offering . In any case , there is an improvement compared to last year in two heights . Specifically , occupancy rates estimated for the month of December for the point to 49.7 percent. In the same period of 2012, the percentage was 42.4 % .

Detailing over the estimate, on December 24th , the various units of Madeira must have an average of 55.9 % this year when the last had been 50.7 % . Regarding the End of the Year , occupancy rates estimated between 28 December and 2 January 2014 point to 77.3 % , in contrast with 70.9 % last year . And , specifically, on December 31 , the Madeira hotel units will be this year with occupancy rates of 84.8 % against 77.7 % last year . Just a note to mention that these estimates were made in those days so will tend to be further improved with last minute bookings tend to happen

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