Brandy Madeira with Engenhos do Norte Company 1 Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

Brandy Madeira with Engenhos do Norte Company

The Company  Engenhos do Norte , located in Puerto de la Cruz , Machico parish was acquired by J.Faria in 2013 . This company is the oldest in Portugal in the manufacture of brandy done by cane sugar typical of Madeira . The curiosity is that this device works steam , giving other features into its products . For this year’s production and according to information gathered from the company , the intention is to buy more cane sugar to increase the production of brandy : White , Larano and…

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Carro de Cesto: The traditional transport in Funchal 2 Excursions Madeira News PRODUCTS 

Carro de Cesto: The traditional transport in Funchal

CAR BASKET OR “CARRO DE CESTOS” Every year there are thousands of people who are left fascinated by the experience of sliding at high speed on traditional and unique ” Cars Cart ” , mainly tourists visiting the region. Carro de Cesto This type of car emerged around 1850 in Funchal . These cars are made by hand , with wicker and wood , and have two seats . Are driven and controlled by two paths (the name given to people who maneuver this car ) , dressed in white…

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Madeira Regional Custard Apple Exhibition in Santana 3 EVENTS Madeira News PRODUCTS 

Madeira Regional Custard Apple Exhibition in Santana

Event date: 8th and 9th March From March, 8th to 9th the Faial Community Centre and the Farmers Association promote the Regional Custard Apple Exhibition a project that intends to promote this subtropical fruit and its derivatives, in addition to the recreational side which is characteristic of this kind of event. Held since 1991, this regional exhibition features a varied program full of entertainment activities such as,music and contests, very similar to a traditional Madeiran popular festivity, an event that annually gathers several regional farmers. Madeira Regional Custard Apple

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Sale of Madeira Wine grew 4 Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

Sale of Madeira Wine grew

Madeira Wine sales rose about 2.1 % in 2013 , compared to the same period last year , with a total of 16.8 million euros in turnover. Sale of Madeira Wine grew The figures were released by the Regional Directorate of Statistics , interestingly noted that the regional market was the increase in the order of 17 % , a total of 521,000 liters , corresponding to a turnover of EUR 3.9 million. The most important export market , remains to France, having a million gallons of Madeira wine ,…

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skewered meat Madeira - Espetada da Madeira 5 Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

skewered meat Madeira – Espetada da Madeira

The skewered meat Madeira is probably the best-known dish and consumed at parties and stingrays in the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo . A good kebab defenição of Madeira is basically chunks of beef cut into squares , seasoned with salt , bay leaves and garlic and put into a laurel skewers , which then goes to roast on fire wood . skewered meat Madeira The skewered meat to the famous Madeira should be tender , rather Acém or blank, rump or fillet , juicy or greasy , best known…

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Anona da Madeira 6 PRODUCTS 

Anona da Madeira

The Anona is a tropical fruit originating in Peru and Ecuador, which Madeira is grown to a height of 500 meters, the fruiting period from November to January . In Madeira there are two varieties , easily distinguishable by shell; Anona the Lisa , the more appreciated because the shell is thinner , with few seeds , fruit pulp and sweet , common in dry , scaly and Anona , which as its name implies has a thick rind , with many scales , creamy flesh full of seeds ,…

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The designer Fatima Lopes was born in Madeira 7 PRODUCTS 

The designer Fatima Lopes was born in Madeira

Fatima Lopes was born in Funchal, March 8, 1965 , and is today an international reference in the world of Fashion . From the island of Madeira , raised in the city of Funchal . Since child showed an interest in the fashion world and during his teens , dissatisfied with the clothing that was sold in Funchal , started creating clothes for herself . Thanks to his fluency in foreign languages ​​, worked as a tour guide in Funchal for a travel agency. Fatima Lopes In 1990 he moved…

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Madeira passion fruit - O Maracujá da Madeira 8 PRODUCTS 

Madeira passion fruit – O Maracujá da Madeira

Originating in South America and Central , passion fruit is grown throughout the world , including Asia, Australia , South Africa and Europe , in some areas of the Mediterranean coast . The most cultivated varieties are purple and yellow passion fruit (or Brazilian , as is known to us ) . The first is very aromatic, sweet, slightly acidic whereas the second is less aromatic, more sweet and less sour. The plant is called passion or ” maracujaleiro ” and it is a fast growing vine that lacks a…

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Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira in 1985 9 Madeira Island News Madeira News PRODUCTS TRAVEL 

Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira in 1985

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro , or simply Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Santo António in Funchal on February 5, 1985 . Ronaldo began his career in the youth Football Club Swallow . In 1995, for the National Sports Club and his success with the team led him to sign with Sporting Clube de Portugal for two seasons . Ronaldo’s precocious talent caught the attention of Sir Alex Ferguson , manager of Manchester United. In 2003 , when he was only eighteen years old , Ronaldo signed a contract with…

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Meats of Madeira - Food with tradition 10 LOCALS PRODUCTS TRAVEL 

Meats of Madeira – Food with tradition

The island of Madeira has been known for its rich and varied cuisine which includes , in addition to other important factors , the presence of meat . The menu was varied meat , served with chicken , cow , turkey, chickens , pigs , rabbits , goats , lacking the pork and hams , which are then animals from domestic breeding . Within this work only a few are highlighted , in particular the meat of chicken, beef and pork. Chicken Meat Starting with the chicken meat , this…

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