skewered meat Madeira - Espetada da Madeira 1 Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

skewered meat Madeira – Espetada da Madeira

The skewered meat Madeira is probably the best-known dish and consumed at parties and stingrays in the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo . A good kebab defenição of Madeira is basically chunks of beef cut into squares , seasoned with salt , bay leaves and garlic and put into a laurel skewers , which then goes to roast on fire wood . skewered meat Madeira The skewered meat to the famous Madeira should be tender , rather Acém or blank, rump or fillet , juicy or greasy , best known…

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Anona da Madeira 2 PRODUCTS 

Anona da Madeira

The Anona is a tropical fruit originating in Peru and Ecuador, which Madeira is grown to a height of 500 meters, the fruiting period from November to January. In Madeira there are two varieties , easily distinguishable by shell; Anona the Lisa , the more appreciated because the shell is thinner , with few seeds , fruit pulp and sweet , common in dry , scaly and Anona , which as its name implies has a thick rind , with many scales , creamy flesh full of seeds , not…

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Madeira passion fruit - O Maracujá da Madeira 3 PRODUCTS 

Madeira passion fruit – O Maracujá da Madeira

Originating in South America and Central , passion fruit is grown throughout the world , including Asia, Australia , South Africa and Europe , in some areas of the Mediterranean coast . The most cultivated varieties are purple and yellow passion fruit (or Brazilian , as is known to us ) . The first is very aromatic, sweet, slightly acidic whereas the second is less aromatic, more sweet and less sour. The plant is called passion or ” maracujaleiro ” and it is a fast growing vine that lacks a…

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Meats of Madeira - Food with tradition 4 LOCALS PRODUCTS 

Meats of Madeira – Food with tradition

The island of Madeira has been known for its rich and varied cuisine which includes , in addition to other important factors , the presence of meat . The menu was varied meat , served with chicken , cow , turkey, chickens , pigs , rabbits , goats , lacking the pork and hams , which are then animals from domestic breeding . Within this work only a few are highlighted , in particular the meat of chicken, beef and pork. Chicken Meat Starting with the chicken meat , this…

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Traditional Fruits of Madeira 5 LOCALS PRODUCTS 

Traditional Fruits of Madeira

Fruits Of Madeira Fruits are nutritious foods that are consumed, usually in addition to the meals and provide raw material for many products, such as juices, nectars , fruit jellies, jams, compotes, salads, among others that are the basis for healthy eating and balanced. In recent decades , the fruit has been recognized worldwide and, consequently, has become of great economic and social importance for some countries. Particularly in the context of production in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, met various fruits that differ by presenting special characteristics due to…

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The famous Madeira Wine 6 PRODUCTS 

The famous Madeira Wine

The overall space of the island of Madeira is 732 km2 , and the extent of Viticultural Space is roughly 400 acres. It’s a distinctive panorama characterised by rugged terrain aid. The actual circumstances of the soil of volcanic origin, largely basaltic, and proximity to the ocean, related weather conditions , the place the summers are scorching and humid and winters gentle , give the wine distinctive and singular. The agricultural land is characterised by very steep slopes , that are typically within the type of terraces , known as…

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Madeira Embroidery 7 PRODUCTS 

Madeira Embroidery

Born on an island the place nature is queen. The lushness of the landscapes of Madeira couldn’t fail to encourage artists for greater than a century to the fantastic thing about this distinctive embroidery . The reflection of this inspiration is obvious in every bit of Madeira Embroidery. The category, class , purity of strains , the motion of nature evident within the creativity of the designs , and the perfection of the work finished by the expert palms of native embroiderers , make Madeira Embroidery true artwork . Life…

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Banana Madeira, the world's best 8 Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

Banana Madeira, the world’s best

A real image of Madeira. The fruit , yellow , distinguished primarily by their measurement a lot smaller than the fruit taste and the like , extra candy than the others. The introduction of this fruit within the Wooden from the mid- sixteenth century, and its origin has been China. Consumed at any time is far appreciated as dessert to accompany a slice of feta cheese. It’s also important within the manufacturing of banana liqueur , and an ingredient in some dishes of the native delicacies . Banana Madeira image…

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Madeira Bread traditional "Bolo do Caco" 9 PRODUCTS 

Madeira Bread traditional “Bolo do Caco”

The Bolo do Caco is a shard wheat bread typical of the area of Madeira that may be discovered each in Madeira and within the island of Porto Santo . It’s consumed as enter , monitoring or as principal dish . It’s made ​​from flour , yeast, water and salt. With these components a dough is made , it ought to ferment for 3 days. After this era , wafers are shaped with about three inches thick and at the very least one inch in diameter . Conventional cooking is…

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peixe espada PRODUCTS 

Swordfish Black “Peixe Espada Preto”

In conventional Madeiran delicacies, the black scabbard fish is undoubtedly essentially the most emblematic dish is now necessary in all eating places. This fish, which is in common depths of between 800 m to 1200 m, made ​​of wooden the primary place on the planet to commercially exploit a form of depth. Swordfish Black image Nobody is aware of for certain when the black scabbard fish began to be caught within the waters of the archipelago. Manoel Thomás, in his poem “The Insulana”, dated 1635, is a reference to the…

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