Festival of Wine , Embroidery and Handicrafts of Madeira was a successEvents 

Festival of Wine , Embroidery and Handicrafts of Madeira was a success

The second edition of the Festival of Wine , Embroidery and Handicrafts of Wood, recently held , was marked by success, exceeding expectations of IVBAM , organizer . In the three -day event has attendance was constant and were recorded over a thousand visitors.

Festival of Wine

Festival of Wine

Seminar with exhausted capacity

On the first day , the highlight was the completion of the Seminar for Wine , divided into two panels that had themes like : ” The Region of Madeira Wine and Tourism ” and ” Current challenges in the wine sector ” , which brought together a number of well-known personalities national wine world and the tourism sector , among others.

Many and varied activities

In the remaining days of the event were many and varied activities that took place within the festival.
The workshops embroidery and tapestry of Madeira , with a considerable accession was an opportunity for all participants to learn and practice traditional arts such as Madeira.
” Stories and tales to delight ” -inspired embroidery , the Craft and Vineyards Madeira , entertained kids and adults , who surrendered to the captivating Sofia Maul, a true storyteller.


The ” showcookings ” and tastings conducted during the event , with harmonization of regional flavors and wines of Madeira , Madeira wine with chocolates , and also in line with sushi , were a success, with ” full house ” in all these actions .
Participants loved the combinations made ​​between Madeira wines and delicacies presented by different bosses , and proved to be pleasantly surprised with the great harmony between the Madeira wines with chocolate and Madeira wines with sushi , an unusual combination , but it results in perfection.
The smaller ones were even treated to a culinary workshop ” Forest of Enchantment ,” which playfully , learned to make some candy .

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