Madeira Holidays All Inclusive 1 PORTO SANTO 

Madeira Holidays All Inclusive

Madeira All Inclusive Holidays with us The island of Madeira combines a whole range of activities, making it the perfect destination for an all inclusive holiday, where you can truly relax on a holiday on the beach or exploring the island, all whilst your food bills are taken care of. Madeira Holidays All Inclusive Things to do in Madeira Get out and explore the island on foot. The eastern part of Madeira is a nature reserve, and the volcano makes for a stunning landscape, as well as great views. The…

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Columbus House - Museum of Porto Santo 2 PORTO SANTO 

Columbus House – Museum of Porto Santo

The Columbus House-Museum of Porto Santo is installed on an articulated set of buildings, now standardized by the works of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. According to oral tradition, long widespread, lived here Columbus, during his dwell in Porto Santo, after his marriage with Filipa de Moniz, daughter of the first Donatory Captain of Porto Santo, Bartolomeu Perestrelo. A north wall of the main building is from the early sixteenth century, a survivor of various works, where there can be seen two windows of gothic profile. The museum opened in…

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Half Marathon Porto Santo 3 EVENTS PORTO SANTO 

Half Marathon Porto Santo

The Golden Island will host another edition of the Half Marathon , an event the responsibility of the Athletics Association of Madeira , in partnership with Porto Santo Line . The proof is an extension of about 21 km, the route that will provide athletes the contemplation of some of the most beautiful and emblematic places of the island , such as Pico de Ana Ferreira , Field Angle , Camacha , Castle Peak , among others . On November 2 still run a mini – marathon and half a…

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Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa HOTELS/ACCOMODATION PORTO SANTO 

Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa – All Inclusive

The Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa is located on beautiful beach of Porto Santo , composed by a 9 km long sandy beach and is surrounded by a tropical garden of 30,000 m2 and two huge outdoor pools natural style making it one of the best hotels in Porto Santo . Pestana Porto Santo picture This hotel in Porto Santo works on All Inclusive , making it the ideal place for those who want to spend holidays in Porto Santo without any concern. So if for you vacation…

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Fishes of Madeira - From the sea to the table 4 PORTO SANTO PRODUCTS 

Fishes of Madeira – From the sea to the table

The island of Madeira is privileged by the ocean that surrounds it and , consequently , for its wealthy fish . The situation of the island made ​​the fish was all the time been a meals of the utmost significance to the locals , being eaten boiled, fried , salted or dried. Thus , the fish has historically been the staple weight loss program of the coastal parishes of Madeira and Porto Santo , after extending throughout the island . Highlighting fish consumption on the island , the decrease lessons…

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