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Santana is composed of six parishes (Arco de São Jorge, Ilha, Faial, Santana, São Jorge and São Roque do Faial), lives mainly from agriculture, handicrafts and tradition. The mountainous landscapes are dominated by the lush green that characterizes the Laurissilva Forest. Indeed, some of its landscapes are classified as World Heritage, which is certainly a strong contribution to maintaining its beauty. With so many attractions, it is normal that a large part of the tourists draw a circle around Santana and highlight it as a mandatory point of visit. And…

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Madeira Regional Custard Apple Exhibition in Santana 1 EVENTS Madeira News PRODUCTS 

Madeira Regional Custard Apple Exhibition in Santana

Event date: 8th and 9th MarchFrom March, 8th to 9th the Faial Community Centre and the Farmers Association promote the Regional Custard Apple Exhibition a project that intends to promote this subtropical fruit and its derivatives, in addition to the recreational side which is characteristic of this kind of event.Held since 1991, this regional exhibition features a varied program full of entertainment activities such as,music and contests, very similar to a traditional Madeiran popular festivity, an event that annually gathers several regional farmers.

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Santana Madeira a World Biosphere Reserve

The municipality of Santana , located on the northern island of Madeira , was awarded in the month of June 2011 by UNESCO with the distinction of ” Biosphere Reserve ” , recognizing the richness of an ecosystem where it seeks to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use. This reserve includes a land component , corresponding to the entire surface of the municipality emerged and also a marine component , which has a wide range of human and natural values ​​, scenic , environmental and cultural interests of…

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Madeira Theme Park in Santana is one of a kind in Portugal 2 Excursions 

Madeira Theme Park in Santana is one of a kind in Portugal

It is a fantastic exhibition centre devoted to the history, science and traditions of the Madeira Archipelago. It occupies an area of 145,000 square metres and is a must for all visitors. The park’s main attraction is its four multimedia pavilions.In the Discovery of the Islands pavilion visitors relive the voyage of discovery of the archipelago’s islands. They take a trip that is brought to life by scenery, projections, lighting and sound effects that give the attraction a spectacular, fabulous quality. At the Future of the Earth pavilion we can…

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Santana’s Typical Houses at Madeira Island - Casas de Colmo Santana 3 Excursions 

Santana’s Typical Houses at Madeira Island – Casas de Colmo Santana

Santana’s typical houses are one of Madeira’s biggest signatures. Spread in numerous promotional posters throughout the world. We estimate that these small-thatched triangular houses, built of wood and thatched with straw, are trace of primitive constructions. As being one of Madeira’s most abundant natural resources, it was easy to find and not expensive. Cereals, such as corn and rye were part of the population daily menu. They were turned to flour, and afterwards to bread and home-made pasta or noodles. The straw was then put to use to cover the…

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