34 Cruises expected in March in Funchal Madeira Island News Travel 

34 Cruises expected in March in Funchal

March will be a month of great movement of cruise ships in Funchal . In total, 34 cruisers , 10 different companies that will scale the jetty Pontinha .The companies that will make stops in Funchal will be the AIDAcruisses that have scales AIDAstella 5 , 4 and 1 AIDAblu AIDAluna , Thomson Holidays , we will have 5 scales liner Thomson Celebration , MSC Cruises , with 4 scales , 2 MSC Armonia , MSC Fantasia and 1 1 MSC Musica , Norwegian Cruise Lines, Norwegian Spirit 3 scales…

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Fascinating was the Madeira Carnival (video) Madeira Island News 

Fascinating was the Madeira Carnival (video)

More than 1,300 people marched in ‘Carnaval Brilliant ‘ Madeira Many islanders and visitors focused on marginal Funchal on the 1st of March to watch spend the theme ” Bright Wood – Carnival “procession , which paraded around 1,300 extras , spread across ten groups and supported by floats. This Corsican is the highlight of the carnival program in which the Regional Government of Madeira , through the Department of Culture , Tourism and Transport , has invested this year about 280 thousand euros, contributing to an occupancy of around…

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Holidays in Madeira at Christmas time Events 

Holidays in Madeira at Christmas time

Christmas and New Year celebrations in Madeira offer a varied programme of cultural, folk and artistic events. The festive season starts in December when Funchal’s streets are magnificently decorated and the colourful lights are switched on in the city’s main streets until early January. Madeira is the Christmas Party Madeira traditions are to meet , get in the pine decoration at home, in the manufacture of typical delicacies of the festive season , to the religious rituals . Pagan customs of the religious , the Madeira has something to say…

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Madeira package holidays [year] Travel 

Madeira package holidays 2024

As important as the purpose of the journey is where replenish energy. The accommodation in Madeira is quite wide, from the exquisite honored traditional hotels, the modernity of the five star hotels, friendly hospitality of holiday cottages which allow close contact with nature or the traditional and welcoming the 5stars hotels Madeira. Madeira offers a wide range of quality accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets, where hospitality, personalized service, good taste and quality are the dominant features. The choice will always be yours, but our extensive experience can help…

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Porto Santo Golfe rises to 75th place in the ranking of the best golf courses in Europe Travel 

Porto Santo Golfe rises to 75th place in the ranking of the best golf courses in Europe

Porto Santo Golfe , was recently honored with his presence in the ” Top 100 ” ranking of European golf courses , according to the magazine world renowned specialty ” Golf World ” .According to the latest edition of British magazine , Porto Santo Golfe ranks 75 . Place among the top hundred courses in Europe , a classification made on the advice of many experts and voting of the magazine , and especially by journalists golf .The first time that the field of Porto Santo appeared in the rankings…

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Madeira October Events [year] Madeira Island News 

Madeira October Events 2024

Madeira’s October Events encompass a range of cultural, gastronomic, and outdoor activities, reflecting the island’s rich traditions and natural beauty. During this month, visitors can experience a variety of festivals and celebrations, including autumn harvest events that showcase the local produce and cuisine. Wine and food festivals are common, offering a taste of Madeira’s culinary delights. Cultural events may include music and dance performances, reflecting the island’s heritage. The pleasant October weather also makes it an ideal time for outdoor activities, such as hiking and exploring the scenic landscapes. These…

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Freira da Madeira Center Locals 

Freira da Madeira Center

Knew that the Park Service Natural Madeira provides guided tours of the center – of – nun -Madeira Rui Silva and nesting area ?All Saturdays are offered guided tours of the nesting area of Freira da Madeira. Visitors are framed and accompanied on a tour that got its start by 13.00 ( new time ) in the center Freira da Madeira Rui Silva , following a short course of 30 minutes to the viewpoint of the Nest of Manta , in order to view the nesting habitat nun – the…

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Opening hours in Madeira Madeira Island News 

Opening hours in Madeira

Shops are open from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 19.00 and usually close for lunch from 13.00 to 15.00.On Saturdays shops open only in the morning from 09.00 to 13.00. The exceptions are the shopping centres that are open from 10.00 to 22.00, 7 days a week. The large supermarkets also stay open until 22.00, 7 days a week except for Christmas and New Year’s Day.Banks are usually open from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 15.00. Exchange houses operate everyday between 09.00 and 13.00 and from 14.00 to…

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Madeira Jeep Tours [year] Activities 

Madeira Jeep Tours 2024

Madeira Jeep Tours: An Adventure Like No Other Madeira, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Atlantic,” is an island that beckons adventurers, nature lovers, and explorers. With its volcanic origin, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient trees, Madeira offers a unique blend of beauty and excitement. One of the most thrilling ways to explore this enchanting island is through Madeira Jeep Tours, offered by Just Go Tours, an outdoor activities company passionate about showcasing the best of Madeira. Explore the Unseen with Jeep Safari Jeep Tours in Madeira are not…

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Calendar: Madeira Events and Attractions Events Madeira Island News 

Calendar: Madeira Events and Attractions

Madeira Events January Cantar os Reis (Singing of the Kings) – Funchal Cantar os Reis is a charming Madeiran festival filled with carols and songs, celebrated on the 12th night after Christmas. Traditionally, troupes roamed the streets at night, singing and playing music from door to door. Today, outdoor concerts are held all over the island including Ribeira Brava, Câmara de Lobos and the auditorium in the Jardim Municipal in Funchal. The lively traditional carols are performed by local musical groups. ‘Santo Amaro’ Festival – Santa CruzTo commemorate the close…

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