City of Funchal - Monte - A view over the city of Funchal Locals 

City of Funchal – Monte – A view over the city of Funchal

Since the nineteenth century until the Second World War, Monte has always been a prime location thanks to its favourable climate. It has several “quintas”, surrounded by tropical gardens, which formerly operated as hotels. A train circulated from Funchal to Monte (Terreiro da Luta being the last stop) between 1893 and 1930. In Largo da Fonte you can still see the proof left by this once popular method of transportation. city of Funchal The suburb of Monte is situated about five hundred meters above Funchal. One of the many option…

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Monte Tropical Garden Locals 

Monte Tropical Garden

Explore the Wonderful Monte Tropical Garden… Located in Monte, a suburb of Funchal, this scenic garden is home to a rich variety of exotic plants and trees. The Monte Tropical Garden is not the typical garden you would find in Madeira Island, yet, a visit to this garden is surely an unforgettable one.Madeira entrepreneur José Berardo donated Monte Palace in 1988 to the Berardo Foundation and from there began his creative work phase. His dream of a Tropical garden of which he would be able to share with the world…

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