Weather in Madeira Islands - Sunshine almost all year round 1 TRAVEL 

Weather in Madeira Islands – Sunshine almost all year round

When you arrive in Madeira, take a good look around. The pleasant colours soothe the senses with different shades of green set against an azure sea – the hallmark of the subtropics. But the skies also tell of rain. This is not to say that it rains all the time or most of the time. But it does rain sometimes. Now that this shock has been administered, let’s start again. Most people who live here find that Madeira has just about the most perfect climate in the world. It is…

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Madeira weather

By latitude and state of affairs, the Madeira Island has all of the traits of the subtropical island , mendacity parts of tropical islands on the south coast and the islands temperate north coast . The local weather is subtropical dry or temperate Mediterranean , and in sure components of the south coast , common temperatures attain values ​​above 20 levels celsius . The temperature of the ocean water, varies between 26 and 17 Summer season Winter . Prevailing winds are from the west northwest in winter and north in…

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