Madeira New year festivities Events 

Madeira New year festivities

Madeira New year festivities Legend of Saint Sylvester On the last night of the year, being the Virgin Mary tilting in the skies over the ocean, St. Sylvester came to talk to her. The Virgin Mary confided in him the reason for her sadness: she recalled the lovely Atlantis, sunken by God as a punishment on its inhabitants. While she was speaking, Our Lady wept tears of sadness and compassion. St. Sylvester noticed that they were not tears but real pearls. One of these tears fell on the spot where…

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New Year in Madeira and Christmas - Program Madeira Island News 

New Year in Madeira and Christmas – Program

The month of December is the high point of all regional events , based on the beauty and richness of Events of the End – of – Year . It is the month of the Feast , as in Madeira is known throughout the duration of the celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Eve , a time for the islanders lived intensely until the 6th January . Christmas parties and New Year in Madeira include a rich program of events in religious, ethnographic and artistic filling low Funchal much joy,…

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Madeira holidays New Year [year] Madeira Island News 

Madeira holidays New Year 2024

If there’s a place to come and celebrate life, then that place is Madeira. As each year draws to a close, the end is commemorated of yet another cycle of 365 days that have been lived as intensely as our memory allows us to recall. The Christian traditions of Christmas time combine with the displays of rejoicing at the arrival of the New Year, in a rich and extensive programme of cultural, ethnographic and artistic events that continue throughout the month of December and carry on till Twelfth Night. The…

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