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Brisa Maracujá awarded

Madeira Products – Brisa Passionfruit The Juice of Brisa Passionfruit – Beer Company of Madeira, was again awarded the Grand Gold Medal by Monde Selection, the oldest and most prestigious independent organization in the field of Quality Selections. This is 13. ª Medal awarded to Brisa Another Great Passion which has a total of 23 medals acquired so far. The ECM has 143 medals awarded by Monde Selection, including 83 Gold and 36 Gold Large, and drinks with most medals are White Coral with 24 medals and 23 medals with Brisa…

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Madeira passion fruit - O Maracujá da Madeira Products 

Madeira passion fruit – O Maracujá da Madeira

Originating in South America and Central , passion fruit is grown throughout the world , including Asia, Australia , South Africa and Europe , in some areas of the Mediterranean coast . The most cultivated varieties are purple and yellow passion fruit (or Brazilian , as is known to us ) . The first is very aromatic, sweet, slightly acidic whereas the second is less aromatic, more sweet and less sour. The plant is called passion or ” maracujaleiro ” and it is a fast growing vine that lacks a…

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