What you eat on the island of Madeira – Traditional dishes of madeiran food

Madeira Island – ‘the pearl of the Atlantic’ – keeps the promise of extraordinary holidays with its magnificent scenery, mild climate, serene ambience, colourful folk traditions and, last but not least, its seductive gastronomy. The local cuisine is based on peasant traditions, and in general terms, the closer you can get to the traditional methods of preparation and cooking, the better it tastes. What you eat on the island of Madeira  Although starters are not a high point on the local menus, a hot bolo do caco with garlic butter…

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Meats of Madeira – Food with tradition

The island of Madeira has been known for its rich and varied cuisine which includes , in addition to other important factors , the presence of meat . The menu was varied meat , served with chicken , cow , turkey, chickens , pigs , rabbits , goats , lacking the pork and hams , which are then animals from domestic breeding . Within this work only a few are highlighted , in particular the meat of chicken, beef and pork. Chicken Meat Starting with the chicken meat , this…

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