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Madeira Flower Festival – Vacation package hotel

Vacation package in Madeira Hotel for Madeira Flower Festival We offer you several options at incredible prices!! Holidays in Madeira are for those who like splendid scenery, as well as sub-tropical flora and fauna, not to mention a modicum of old colonial charm. Yes, as a holiday destination, Madeira really is a class act. Known to the Romans as the Purple Islands, it’s been wowing visitors for centuries, many of whom travel to Madeira over and over again. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for ladies of a certain…

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Madeira Flowers - The charm of our flowers Products 

Madeira Flowers – The charm of our flowers

Madeira is a backyard with many flowers genuine endemic species, ie, that solely exist in Madeira, in addition to through the years, flowers from all around the world have tailored properly on our island, a results of local weather and land unbelievable for these species. Beneath are some flower species most recognized and wanted by those that go to us. Madeira Flowers Photos Town of Funchal on the Portuguese island of Madeira celebrates Spring with an excellent…and aromatic…weeklong spectacle. It’s the Madeira Pageant of Flowers. Buildings, parks, streets and youngsters…

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