Madeira Whale Museum 1 LOCALS 

Madeira Whale Museum

The Madeira Whale Museum is located in the village of Caniçal and is a testament to the history of whaling and the activities associated with it . Madeira Whale Museum , which opened a new space in September 2011 , is one of the most innovative museums of its kind internationally . Equipped with a valuable ethnographic collection / museum , which retrieves utensils and past experiences , the museum documents accurately the history of whaling in Madeira elapsed throughout the twentieth century. The Museum uses a large room with…

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Madeira Story Centre LOCALS 

Madeira Story Centre – The history and culture of the Madeira Island

The Madeira Story Centre is a very modern museum that chronicles the history and culture of the island of Madeira. Madeira Story Centre pic In half an hour and shows the evolution of the archipelago since its discovery to the present day. Equipped with the most sophisticated technologies, along with what is best done internationally, is an excellent choice to discover more about the island. Through interactive games, smells, sounds and images the visitor is challenged to live a unique experience in the history of the wood. also has a shop…

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Madeira Gay & Lesbian travellers - Modern culture with good acceptance 2 Madeira News TRAVEL 

Madeira Gay & Lesbian travellers – Modern culture with good acceptance

Gay and lesbian sex and marriage is legal in Portugal and therefore in the Madeiran Archipelago. The age of consent in Portugal is 16 years old. Madeira Gay On Madeira Island, gay and lesbian travellers and indeed locals are more common and definitely more accepted. The “pink” community is actually much larger than it at first may seem. There are no specific gay and lesbian bars or clubs although you will find that most of the larger nightclubs and mainstream bars are very mixed and gay friendly. Before coming to…

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