Calheta - most extensive of all the municipalities 1 LOCALS 

Calheta – most extensive of all the municipalities

The municipality of Calheta is located between the south and the West End of Madeira Island and its area, approximately 116 km2, makes it the most extensive of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. About 12,000 people live here. It is thought that the origin of its name comes from the small bay or cove that serves it as port and that it watched João Gonçalves Zarco when he intended to go ashore. This is the meaning of the word”calheta”. In this locality lies the center of the Arts “Casa das…

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Port of Calheta Recreational - Madeira Island 2 LOCALS 

Port of Calheta Recreational – Madeira Island

The recently established marina at Calheta reflects a strong focus on tourism in the sea. Located in Calheta , this infrastructure of high quality , offers a port with capacity to berth 339 boats ( between 6 and 25 meters) , 44 seats for jet skis , waiting berths fueling , ramp varadoura for small craft and space for the Customs Service, Immigration and Borders , Maritime Police and GNR . Simultaneously , its users can take advantage of a new wide area of green spaces , terraces, restaurants ,…

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Calheta Beach 3 LOCALS 

Calheta Beach

Yellow sand beach of Calheta Calheta bet strong improvements in its natural resources and devised an artificial beach whose greatest attribute is based on the yellow sand , brought from Morocco and Figueira da Foz , making it the first and only in Madeira , and is undoubtedly a strong point of attraction . Located in Calheta , near the marina and a solarium on the order of 7300 meters square and an area of 28,550 meters square , the beach of Calheta much turnout records throughout the year .…

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Ingenuity Society Mills Calheta - Sociedade de Engenhos da Calheta 4 LOCALS 

Ingenuity Society Mills Calheta – Sociedade de Engenhos da Calheta

Calheta, also has one of the few mills cane sugar still in operation on the island of Madeira, Mill Machinery Society of Calheta , which arose in a period of great industrial development, more precisely in the second cycle of the sugar archipelago that occurred at the end of the century . And early nineteenth century XX . Ingenuity Society Mills Calheta This engine , today represents the link between the historical past and present, in the case of a beautiful living example of our past sweet sugar , especially…

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