Port of Calheta Recreational - Madeira Island 1 LOCALS 

Port of Calheta Recreational – Madeira Island

The recently established marina at Calheta reflects a strong focus on tourism in the sea. Located in Calheta , this infrastructure of high quality , offers a port with capacity to berth 339 boats ( between 6 and 25 meters) , 44 seats for jet skis , waiting berths fueling , ramp varadoura for small craft and space for the Customs Service, Immigration and Borders , Maritime Police and GNR . Port of Calheta Simultaneously , its users can take advantage of a new wide area of green spaces ,…

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Calheta Beach - Madeira Island 2 LOCALS 

Calheta Beach – Madeira Island

Yellow sand beach of Calheta Calheta bet strong improvements in its natural resources and devised an artificial beach whose greatest attribute is based on the yellow sand , brought from Morocco and Figueira da Foz , making it the first and only in Madeira , and is undoubtedly a strong point of attraction . Located in Calheta , near the marina and a solarium on the order of 7300 meters square and an area of 28,550 meters square , the beach of Calheta much turnout records throughout the year .…

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Ingenuity Society Mills Calheta - Sociedade de Engenhos da Calheta 3 LOCALS 

Ingenuity Society Mills Calheta – Sociedade de Engenhos da Calheta

Calheta, also has one of the few mills cane sugar still in operation on the island of Madeira, Mill Machinery Society of Calheta , which arose in a period of great industrial development, more precisely in the second cycle of the sugar archipelago that occurred at the end of the century . And early nineteenth century XX . Ingenuity Society Mills Calheta This engine , today represents the link between the historical past and present, in the case of a beautiful living example of our past sweet sugar , especially…

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