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Where to stay in Madeira Islands in 2022

Madeira has excellent hotels, but in recent years Local Accommodation has grown brutally. When we choose a holiday destination we immediately think of where we will be staying. Local accommodation is one of the main alternatives, and has been gaining fans all over the world.

But what, after all, are its benefits?

What distinguishes a hotel from local accommodation?
And why are more and more people not wanting anything else when traveling?

Feeling at home: This is the first advantage pointed out. In a local accommodation the experience becomes more personal, as in a hotel we are often “another tenant until the next one arrives”. With the opportunity to choose the house to your liking, “nothing better than to walk in the door and feel that the house is yours, even if only for a few days,” writes the company.

It’s cheaper than a hotel: If you have a large family with children and babies, staying in a hotel can be quite costly – in some cases there is no chance of parents leaving their children alone in another room. A property with local accommodation can be quite comfortable in this case as there is a guarantee that your children will be comfortable and safe in the next room.

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