Madeira weather

By latitude and situation, the Madeira Island has all the characteristics of the subtropical island , lying elements of tropical islands on the south coast and the islands temperate north coast . The climate is subtropical dry or temperate Mediterranean , and in certain parts of the south coast , average temperatures reach values ​​above 20 degrees celsius .

The temperature of the sea water, varies between 26 and 17 Summer Winter . Prevailing winds are from the west northwest in winter and north in summer ( the alíseos ) . Annual precipitation ranges from 500 mm in the southeast of the island to over 2000 mm in the northern slopes . The Wild islands that are also part of this archipelago has a desert climate with rainfall below 200 mm annually.

Madeira weather

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Funchal has a Mediterranean climate ( Csa according to the Köppen climate classification ) 4 with mild temperatures throughout the year, with the annual average of 19.6 º C. Unlike other towns in the south coast of Madeira to Ponta do Sol , Paul do Mar and Jardim do Mar , average temperatures in the coldest months are situated approximately 1 º C under a classification of tropical climate with a dry season ( according to the Köppen climate classification ) 4 . Can be differentiated two distinct seasons , although no large variations between the two : the first from October to March with regular rainfall and average maximum temperatures ranging between 25 º C in October and 20 º C in January and February and the second from April to September, with low rainfall and average maximum temperatures ranging between 21 º C in April and 26 ° C in August and September . Madeira weather.
The moisture level remains constant around 70 %, which results in a more pronounced perception of heat respect to actual temperatures . The total rainfall during the rainy season varies from year to year. The sea water temperature varies between 18 º C and 19 º C in February and between 24 º C and 26 º C in August and September .

Madeira weather
Since the city is in a sort of amphitheater with the sea on one side and mountains on the other ( rising to 1800 meters above sea level ) is quite common register cloudiness , rain and wind at higher altitudes while sky cleaner in areas along the coast.
In early summer , especially in June , is commonly observed a phenomenon called ” helmet Funchal ” where all the city’s bay is persistently covered in clouds for days on end .

Madeira Weather

Madeira weather
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