Swordfish Black “Peixe Espada Preto”

In traditional Madeiran cuisine, the black scabbard fish is undoubtedly the most emblematic dish is now mandatory in all restaurants. This fish, which is in average depths of between 800 m to 1200 m, made ​​of wood the first place in the world to commercially exploit a kind of depth.

Swordfish Black

Swordfish Black picture

No one knows for sure when the black scabbard fish started to be caught in the waters of the archipelago. Manoel Thomás, in his poem “The Insulana”, dated 1635, is a reference to the sword, among other coastal fish and top. However it is only in 1839 that this species is described for science by English naturalist Rev. Richard Thomas Lowe, who gives the name Aphanopus carbo, alluding to the fact that a species without pelvic fins visible (Aphanopus, the Greek without feet) and black color (carbo, Latin, black). Certain is that the fishermen were Madeira, who at the time were fishing deep sea sharks to extract their oil for lighting and skins for sandpaper, which by chance discovered the black scabbard fish, thus giving rise to an artisanal fisheries that lasted until the days of today, making Madeira the first place in the world to develop a technique of directed fishing for a kind of depth.

How to prepare
Among the various ways to prepare this fish is one of the most appreciated fillets that are seasoned with salt, bay leaves, pepper, minced garlic and lemon juice. Get to marinate for 2 hours.
Aside separate the yolks from the whites, beat up the egg whites and mix again with the egg yolks and season with salt. After going up the fillets in flour and the eggs. Finally fry up the sword fillets in oil or olive oil abundant.

Swordfish Black

Swordfish Black “Peixe Espada Preto”
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