New Product: Compal Banana Madeira

The drinks brand is partnering with the Management Company of Banana, Madeira, and is expected to reach two million acts of purchase.

The Sumol + Compal has signed this morning a partnership with GESBA – Management Company of Banana in Madeira, which results in the release of the new nectar flavored bananas from the archipelago of Madeira.

Compal Banana Madeira

Compal Banana Madeira picture

Speaking to Economic, marketing director of Compal to Spain and Portugal, João Nuno Pinto has revealed that the objective is to be present with the new Compal Classic Banana Madeira ten thousand retail outlets both in food retail as hotels, restaurants and cafes. In terms of sales João Nuno Pinto expects to achieve “two million acts of consumption [units].”
This new flavor, which is included in the entries depicting the 60th anniversary of Compal, will have already starting tomorrow a strong communication campaign which will include ‘outdoor’ both in Portugal and in Madeira, shares outlets, digital communication Google and pastime in the social network Facebook that will offer a trip to the archipelago.

For GESBA manager, Jorge Dias, this translates into a partnership opportunity to further promote Madeira bananas, which currently exports about 85% of production to the mainland territory.

Compal Banana Madeira

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    Excellent bet by the compal, banana wood is the best in the world, everyone knows, its natural features, is a product that I look forward with much anticipation

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