Banana Madeira, the world’s best

A true symbol of Madeira . The fruit , yellow , distinguished primarily by their size much smaller than the fruit flavor and the like , more sweet than the others.
The introduction of this fruit in the Wood from the mid- sixteenth century , and its origin has been China . Consumed at any time is much appreciated as dessert to accompany a slice of feta cheese . It is also essential in the production of banana liqueur , and an ingredient in some dishes of the local cuisine .

Banana Madeira

Banana Madeira picture

The banana wood is green when green and yellow when it is ripe . Cultivated in warm and humid throughout the year , is between the months of July and September which is at its best . The size banana timber is reduced when compared with other varieties , and its flesh is more consistent. When ripe the fruit is revealed quite complete , easy to digest and highly nutritious . Very aromatic , easily transfers your odor to other foods .

What benefits can bring nutritional intake of banana ?
They are rich in vitamins A and C, carbohydrates, phosphorus and potassium. The banana can be eaten in many ways ! Some people eat it as a snack with cereal , in fruit salad, pies , cakes and of course , the famous banana split . But next time you eat a ripe banana , think about your remarkable qualities . This fruit has its own packaging and is rich in vitamins and minerals .

Banana region yields about 12 million per year.
According to the regional government , the marketing of the banana region yields about 12 million per year. The Madeira bananas involves 2,900 producers and 14 % of the agricultural area of the region is allocated to this crop. Production , 85 % intended to consumers outside of Madeira , especially in continental Portugal .

Sword with banana
It is a traditional dish of the Archipelago of Madeira.1 2 As the name suggests , is prepared with swordfish and bananas. The swordfish is cut into fillets and seasoned with lemon, salt , pepper and garlic. It is then fried in hot oil , wrapped in batter or breading . The fried bananas are cut in half , it is common to be fried in the same pan that the fish and even in the same oil . It can be served with boiled potatoes and salad or sautéed spinach .

Banana Madeira


Banana Madeira, the world’s best
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