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CR7 museum will spend 115,000 visits in its first year

The CR7 Museum in Funchal, Madeira Island, is about to complete a year. It was inaugurated on December 15, 2013 and up to this point has been visited by over 105,000 people. Up to one year of existence the museum should spend 115,000 visits provided by those responsible, fruit also this time of year the number of tourists on the island is higher.

CR7 museum

Museum boasts over 140 trophies
The museum Criatiano Ronaldo is unique in the world, all your premiums, photographic estate and moments either professional or family are scattered through space. Another relevant fact Museum is the statue in wax player, full-size, attractive to visitors who are keen to take a picture next to CR7 and also other more technological space where a virtual photography can be done with Cristiano Ronaldo, which is then shared in the CR7 Museum Facebook page.
The CR7 Museum is arranged in an area of 400 m2, and the floor has an L-shape, paved with cobblestone and decorated with the symbol CR7. It is open Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 18 hours – CR7 museum.

Cristiano Museum will change location
The Museum of Cristiano Ronaldo will switch to a tourist area in the city center more presicamente near the port of Funchal, in order to capture tourists arriving on cruises.
Through the company has with his brother Hugo Aveiro Mussara: Spaces Management and Events – Ronaldo gave an application for the exploration of public space, located east of the Sea Square where, on 21st December will be inaugurated the statue of the player – and that has an area of about 477 m2.

CR7 museum

CR7 Museum

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