Fishes of Madeira – From the sea to the table

The island of Madeira is privileged by the sea that surrounds it and , consequently , for its rich fish . The condition of the island made ​​the fish was always been a food of the utmost importance to the locals , being eaten boiled, fried , salted or dried. Thus , the fish has traditionally been the staple diet of the coastal parishes of Madeira and Porto Santo , after extending across the island .
Highlighting fish consumption on the island , the lower classes victual up exclusively of ” cheap fish ” such as: “the skipjack and the cat , poor relatives cod » as well as « mackerel, mackerel and tuna ‘ and these most common on the south coast . The ” cat ” , according to Abel Marques boiler , is a species of fish that replaces the cod, the largest consumer in the parish of Câmara de Lobos , hence being called this way also .. About the latter , it is stated that in the early twentieth century , it is difficult to prove at the table of the families of the North ” cat ” , because there was no mention of this species in the task Fishermen of Ponta Delgada .

Fishes of Madeira
It is noteworthy that , in the twentieth century , the salemas another existing species , were common on the tables of the inhabitants of the northern coast . In the city , tuna and black scabbard fish were widely used in popular restaurants .

Fishes of Madeira
The swordfish , which was sold in the thirties , in the Plaza of fish in Funchal , was ” cheaper , more abundant and easy to transport .” It was thus blue fish that prevailing in the diet of island anonymous . Currently , the black scabbard fish is the most important resource exploited in the Madeira Archipelago , where the main fishing areas are located on the south coast of the island . Therefore , the swordfish is much appreciated for its texture and usually used in Madeiran cuisine fillets of marinated sword or sword .

Fishes of Madeira
The grouper , snapper , grouper and wrasse fish are the most coveted by people wealthier and wealthier . Cod, in turn , known as plate poor , was being customary in the Portuguese diet as snack that gave encouragement to workers in the labors of the field , before becoming the dish that is currently explored and conceptualized in the best restaurants , it is other fish that have more varieties of preparation .

Fishes of Madeira
For fish , especially in coastal villages are associated with drying, curing fish , the use of fish with the preservation of vinegar ( pickled ) and present the normal processing condition .
In the mid -sixties there were also the damselfish , fish , green trout, lamb and sea bream .
In Ponta Delgada , was also usual fishing bream, mullet , bream and where the harbor was swarming with people who bought the tasty fish , also called fine fish , because previously only the wealthiest families consuming this fish . However , this site no longer could see the sardines and skipjack only sighted ” because it happened to tuna what happened to the sardines’ .

Fishes of Madeira
It is evident from the fact that , traditionally , in Lent , the time when the fish is one of the most popular food for the people , as it is at this time that people abstain from meat .
Over time, other fish were emerging , notably hake , herring, pecks , the barracuda , the sea bream , whiting, alfosim the coast, Trevally , swordfish and billfish , cloves, fish – pig, eel , mullet , among others . These , although they take , are not as sought by people of Madeira , as already mentioned in the text .
The delights of our sea are also worth noting , because the seafood is key feature in fishing areas that extent , stretches across the island , even the restaurants . Previously , the pebble stone musguentas , women went to limpets , and the men of catapults tridents octopus lurking in the holes where sea cucumbers seemed hibernate . Many people walked to shellfish , and others caught octopus and morays .
Besides these , there are others : the snails are not very appetizing to look at, but delicious , the squid ( family octopus ) , shrimp , crabs and even for those who are fan of snails, although less usual , here in region.

Fishes Of Madeira

Fishes of Madeira – From the sea to the table
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