Madeira Ship - Porto Santo Line - The transport that connects Madeira to Porto SantoMadeira Island News 

Madeira Ship – Porto Santo Line – The transport that connects Madeira to Porto Santo

Porto Santo is an online Portuguese shipping firm, responsible for maritime transport between the island of Madeira and Porto Santo, made ​​by his single ship, the sea lion.

Madeira Ship

In October 1995, porto santo live won through tender, granting the shipping line for the carriage of passengers and goods between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.

In June 1996, in order to perform this service the ship was acquired wolffish, named in honor of its namesake, a mammal of the family of seals breeding in the archipelago of wood that is at risk of extinction. The inaugural trip occurred June 8, 1996.

With the arrival of the new ship wolffish in June 2003, between the islands of timber and port saint became more comfortable and more attractive.

This ship, in addition to transporting passengers and cargo, offers high levels of comfort thanks to its stabilizing rolls-royce.

Madeira Ship

About one quarter of passengers traveling between the wood and porto santo are tourists going in the morning and return in the evening.

For the remaining passengers partnership was created between the line and porto santo hotel tower beach, golden beach and Luamar apartment in porto santo, which offers various promotional packages designed to make the stay as pleasant as possible.

The trip only 2:10 a.m. on the ship marine wolf becomes a unique experience for the high quality of their service and the fantastic mini cruise along the south coast of the island of Madeira, before reaching the magnificent beach of fine sand 9km.

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