Honey Cake “Bolo de Mel Madeira”

Honey cake or Madeira cake is a typical dessert of the Madeira Archipelago . As the name suggests , is made ​​with cane honey , its origins dating back to the heyday of sugar production arquipélago.
The Madeira honey cake can be kept for a whole year . According to the tradition that still remains in some families , the cake should be prepared on 8 December, the day of Our Lady of Conception , beginning the preparations for Christmas in tables whose presence is a habitual.2 is also tradition breaking off the last batch of cakes this year day .
Besides honey , the cake also includes flour , baking powder , fennel , cinnamon, cloves , walnuts, almonds , Madeira wine and orange , among other ingredients.

Honey Cake

Honey Cake picture

• 2.5 kg of flour ;
• 1 kg of sugar;
• 750 g of lard;
• 500 g butter;
• 25 g of fennel ;
• 50 g of cinnamon ;
• 12 g of clove -India ;
• 12 g of Marigold think ;
• 1 teaspoon of mixed spices ;
• 2 kg of nuts (shell );
• 250g almond kernels ;
• 50g cidrão ;
• 5 tablespoons of baking soda ;
• 250 g of bread dough ;
• 1.8 liters of sugar syrup ( about 2 and a half bottles of molasses ) ;
• 1 cup Madeira wine ;
• 4 oranges

On the eve of the day they will prepare the cake , buy the bread baker in bulk or preparing the yeast with 250 g of flour , 1 dl of lukewarm water and 10 g of baker’s yeast . Involves the bread (or yeast ) on a napkin after gone through flour and let it stand in a warm place overnight .
The next day, the sieve was previously spices steps; are cut almonds, chopped nuts and cidrão ; bicarbonate dissolved in the wine Madeira; melt the fat in warm honey , is scraped from the bark of oranges and squeeze the juice .

Sift flour and sugar into a large clay bowl , it is a hole in the middle and then lies on the yeast dough , and then will be ” erasing ” the yeast with flour , kneading . When the flour and baking powder are thoroughly mixed , begin to gather honey just warm ( along with fat) and will be crushing .
Once you have added all the honey , join the prepared fruit , Madeira wine with soda, juice and zest of oranges and spices . Knead until the dough is detached from the basin . Muffles with a cloth and a blanket and allowed to ferment in warm place at a temperature always equal for 3 to 4 days. After the dough is divided in portions of 250, 500 or 750 g as the size of the cakes. Pour these portions of dough into round shapes , straight and low and well greased and takes to bake in a hot oven , after having graced the surface with half walnuts, or almonds or pieces of cidrão .

Wanting , it is possible to reduce the amount of walnuts or other expensive ingredients , in which case the spices are increased giving rise to another type of cake , the cake rotten . The former are more flavorful and the second most spicy . Once cooked and cold , wrap in greaseproof paper or cellophane and store in boxes . These cakes can be kept for a whole year .
Mandava tradition , which still prevails in some cases , the honey cake was prepared on December 8 , the day of Our Lady of Conception , to be good at the Christmas party this cake is an integral part . It is on this day , December 8 , beginning preparations for the feast (Christmas ) , and leave the last batch of cakes left over from the previous year. For these reasons it is a day of great joy and bustle .

Honey Cake “Bolo de Mel Madeira”
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