Top Golf Spots for Visitors in Portugal 1 Madeira News news 

Top Golf Spots for Visitors in Portugal

Every year, Portugal receives hundreds of thousands of visitors from different parts of the world for one major attraction; the unique golfing experience in Portugal. Portugal is a golf haven for lovers of golf. It is a favorite country for travelers seeking a mind-blowing golfing experience. Among golf lovers, Portugal is a well-kept secret. This is due to its all-year-round temperate climate and abundant golf courses from the Algarve to Lisbon and other parts of the country. Majority of those who visit Portugal for a one-of-a-kind golfing experience love to…

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If You Own a Yacht You Should Already Know These 6 Things 2 Madeira News news 

If You Own a Yacht You Should Already Know These 6 Things

If you’re one of the privileged few who owns a yacht, congratulations! You have joined an elite club. But as with any other type of investment, there are some things you should know to protect your asset and get the most out of it. Here are six tips for yacht owners. Get the right insurance First, be sure to get comprehensive insurance for your yacht. This will protect you from any damages that may occur, whether they are caused by weather or other accidents. Make sure to opt for a…

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Planning A Holiday Trip? Here Are Some Useful Tips 3 Madeira News news 

Planning A Holiday Trip? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Every year, millions of people travel to destinations around the world to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the surf. If you’re one of those people who love to travel, then you know that a well-planned holiday trip can be a wonderful experience, but if you’re not careful, it can also be a disaster. And since there are so many things to think about when you’re planning a trip, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Luckily, there are some general things you should keep in mind that will…

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What To Pack for a Baby Girl For Holiday Summer 4 Madeira News 

What To Pack for a Baby Girl For Holiday Summer

Your baby girl is getting bigger and even more fun to take on the road now that she can sit up, smile, and maybe even say a few words! This summer, whether you’re traveling with your baby to visit family or taking her on an adventure across the country, make sure to pack comfortable baby girl clothes for her and cute and appropriate for every occasion. Your baby will have a great time with these great baby clothes in your bag! Must-Have Summer Baby Girl Clothes When going on holiday, it’s important…

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seabreezestudios Holidays homes Madeira News 

Sea Breeze Studios – Porto da Cruz Studios

Madeira Sea Breeze Studios: Rua Sousa e Freitas, Porto da Cruz, Madeira Portugal(351) 965 219 756 The village guards dramatic scenery, which fills your breast with fresh air and brings total tranquillity, where peace and quiet are part of everyday life. The microclimate with mild temperatures throughout the year, in accordance with the characteristics of the location, allows you to enjoy various outdoor activities, including: surfing, diving, fishing, paragliding, mountain biking, and hiking the famous “Levadas”, inserted in nature with all its splendour. Porto da Cruz Studios Here, the options for spending…

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The statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Madeira Island 5 Madeira News 

The statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Madeira Island

Cristiano Ronaldo opened on Sunday (December 23), in Madeira, his own statue, which will be to remember, in the Sea Square in Funchal, this native son who became a global star. The statue was sculpted in bronze by artist Ricardo Veloza and measures 3.40 meters in height. cr7 statue Accompanied by his mother Dolores Aveiro and son Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Portuguese national team that was recalled in Madeira where he built the “foundations of life and football,” with his family. Grateful and motivated by the tributes, promised…

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Travels to Madeira, what to do when you arrive 6 Madeira News 

Travels to Madeira, what to do when you arrive

Madeira is an island of high contrast, so it will not be very difficult for you to choose a beautiful and comfortable place to stay in any of the areas that we propose below, depending on the type of trip you decide to undertake. Accommodation in Madeira is generally very cheap. In other words, 3- and 4-star hotels are cheap and of good quality, so flights to the island can sometimes be expensive, but you can save a lot of accommodation. Eating in Madeira is also cheap and is a…

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Cristiano Ronaldo birthplace 7 Madeira News 

Cristiano Ronaldo birthplace

Yes, it’s true. He, the magician, was born here, dribbled, took his first steps, side-footed his first goal, screamed for his first penalty and pleaded for the other toddler to be sent off. I speak, of course, of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, arguably the greatest footballer in the world. Ronaldo was born in Santo António, a neighbourhood of Funchal, Madeira, the youngest child of Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, a cook, and José Dinis Aveiro, a municipal gardener His second given name, “Ronaldo”, was chosen after then-U.S. president Ronald…

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Cristiano Ronaldo Museum in Madeira Island 8 Madeira News Featured 

Cristiano Ronaldo Museum in Madeira Island

Cristiano Ronaldo Museum opened in December 2013, museum boasts more than 130 trophies . The CR7 Museum Cristiano Ronaldo portrays the life story of the player Cristiano Ronaldo and shows the trophies won by the Portuguese international throughout his brilliant career. The 126 individual and collective trophies that have been won over the course of the Portuguese footballer’s career have been exhibited at Andorinha (Portugal), Nacional (Portugal), Sporting (Portugal), Manchester United (UK) and Real Madrid (Spain). Inauguration attended by many personalities The footballer was accompanied in the Region of Irina…

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6 Tips To Help Make Your Vacation Trip Unforgettable in [year] 9 Madeira News 

6 Tips To Help Make Your Vacation Trip Unforgettable in 2022

Everybody loves to travel, and we all want to make great memories along the way. Different things make a vacation memorable, but here are some tips on how to remember it for a very long time. The Right People One of the key elements to a vacation is the people with whom you spend them. You can go to the most thrilling locations but if your company is uninspiring, you will most likely remember it for all the wrong reasons. We are continuously on the lookout for a company that…

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