Jardim Botânico da Madeira Excursions 

Madeira Botanical Garden

The gardens overlooking Funchal Between the mountains and the ocean, in the tro ¬ anfitea fennel and approximately 3km from the city center, the botanical garden of the wood is a special place where the “knowing” and “pleasure” are complementary, where the man is asked to (re ) discover the fascinating world of plants. Property of the regional government, has an area of ​​8 hectares where they discover about 3000 different plants in various parts of the world, with 200 endemic species of plants and Macaronesian exclusive timber. In the…

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Jardins do Palheiro Excursions 

Jardins Palheiro – Madeira / Madeira Palheiro Gardens

The Jardins Palheiro / Palheiro Gardens provide welcome all visitors throughout the year . Considered the most beautiful gardens of wood, now part of haystack estate , which includes a hotel , a golf course , the village barn and greenhouse orchids Florialis . The property became vested in the Earl oak in 1801 . Here he built a hunting resort , with 200 plane trees and exotic trees imported from around the world . In 1885 the property was acquired by john blandy burden . The family continued development of…

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Equestrian Centers - Horse riding 1 Excursions LOCALS 

Equestrian Centers – Horse riding

Land activities in Madeira and Porto Santo You can go horse riding in Madeira in equestrian centers , equipped with experienced professionals , present in various locations . The island of Porto Santo also has a riding center for lovers of this sport. If looking for a place to practice riding , there is a pool ( open from Tuesday to Sunday ) where you can get more information (address : Equestrian Association Madeira Quinta Vila Alpires – Black Path – Funchal ) . This association offers various levels of…

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Blandy's wine Lodge Excursions LOCALS 

Blandy’s wine Lodge

Blandy’s wine lodge is a museum housed in a complex of buildings which ran the wine cellars of hardwood timber company, one of the oldest wineries in the center of Funchal. During the visit to the museum are unique artifacts and historical documents that tell the family history blandy and its wines, and the records show some of the many famous visitors who have visited the winery over the years. The tasting takes place in the room “max Romer,” surrounded by beautiful murals of renowned German artist, who portrays the…

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Madeira Theme Park in Santana is one of a kind in Portugal 2 Excursions 

Madeira Theme Park in Santana is one of a kind in Portugal

It is a fantastic exhibition centre devoted to the history, science and traditions of the Madeira Archipelago. It occupies an area of 145,000 square metres and is a must for all visitors. The park’s main attraction is its four multimedia pavilions. In the Discovery of the Islands pavilion visitors relive the voyage of discovery of the archipelago’s islands. They take a trip that is brought to life by scenery, projections, lighting and sound effects that give the attraction a spectacular, fabulous quality. At the Future of the Earth pavilion we…

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Casa das Mudas Excursions Madeira Island News 

Arts Centre House – Casa das Mudas

Arts Centre House of Seedlings The arts center house “Casa das Mudas” signed by david paul, is a building of modern architecture, built as an extension of existing house culture calheta. Its architecture and how it is integrated into the surrounding landscape earned him a nomination for the European prize for contemporary architecture mies van der rohe. In addition to the arts center, the space also includes a space for conferences. The main objective of this cultural space is to introduce new forms of contemporary art through exhibitions, workshops and…

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Sea Born Excursions Madeira Island News 

Madeira catamaran Sea Born – See dolphins

Aboard a two catamarans can enjoy all the beauty of the coast of Madeira. The sea and sea born born ii offer the opportunity to explore the coast with comfort and stability. The newer vessels sightseeing wood have all modern comforts on board, including bar and washrooms. Madeira catamaran pic There is always a strong possibility to observe many marine species of wood, such as dolphins, whales and turtles. In the summer, you can dive in the bay of Cabo Girão, the second highest cliff in the world. See dolphins…

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Family Holidays in Madeira Islands 3 Excursions Madeira News 

Family Holidays in Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands are a privileged destination for family holidays, offering excellent conditions and many proposals, all year round. In any of the islands, Madeira and Porto Santo are unique places to spend a family holiday to remember. The Madeira Islands are prepared as family destination due to its culture of people with spirit and very welcoming host. Culturally is a family destination, proves. Family Holidays in Madeira Experience fantastic family moments in the safe environment of the islands and enjoy its mild climate – with temperatures ranging between 19º and…

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Funchal Cable Car Excursions 

Funchal Cable Car – The best way to see the city

Above all, an experience to remember. The cable car from Funchal leads from the city center to the hill village in comfortable cabins 7 places. In a harmonious way, part of the cable car flies low, off the aloes and the valley of the Ribeira de Joao Gomes, providing a beautiful and different aerial view over the city. Besides the beauty that you will find while traveling by air, also the place to where the cable car from Funchal is one of the former lybris timber. A lot of the…

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Porto Santo Line Excursions 

Madeira Ship – Porto Santo Line – The transport that connects Madeira to Porto Santo

Porto Santo is an online Portuguese shipping firm, responsible for maritime transport between the island of Madeira and Porto Santo, made ​​by his single ship, the sea lion. In October 1995, porto santo live won through tender, granting the shipping line for the carriage of passengers and goods between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. In June 1996, in order to perform this service the ship was acquired wolffish, named in honor of its namesake, a mammal of the family of seals breeding in the archipelago of wood that…

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