Madeira Cherry Festival 1 EVENTS Excursions Madeira News 

Madeira Cherry Festival

Date: 14, 15 June Local: Jardim da Serra The rural village of Jardim da Serra, located in the upper part of Câmara de Lobos, hosts the Cherry Festival, a popular event that promotes the local tradition of this parish. This festivity oers a wide range of sports and leisure activities that culminate with an ethnographic parade in a tribute to the harvesting of this delicious fruit.

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Discover Madeira (videos)

Meet the most beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean, here are some videos that depict what good has this archipelago. Come visit us. Introducing Madeira Islands An Ocean of Adventures Whale and Dolphin watching  Diving Porto Santo Island Madeira Island Natural Diversity Food and Drink Spa and Wellness Adventure Surf in Madeira Nightlife in Madeira Levadas Walks Golf Madeira Laurissilva Old Madeira Discover Madeira

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Meeting Canyoning Madeira 2 EVENTS Excursions Madeira Island News 

Meeting Canyoning Madeira

Clube Naval perform Seixal organizes Meeting Canyoning Madeira. Meeting Canyoning Madeira is a event organized by the Sailing Club of Seixal and the Mountain Camping Federation of Portugal. This event has as principal goal promoting Madeira’s tremendous capacity for the practice of the sports activity, and encouraging the discussion and exchange of experiences between practitioners. It includes workshops and lectures open to the participation of people of different nationalities. During this event, participants have the chance to go through several canyons in various areas most of which are situated in…

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Carro de Cesto: The traditional transport in Funchal 3 Excursions Madeira News PRODUCTS 

Carro de Cesto: The traditional transport in Funchal

CAR BASKET OR “CARRO DE CESTOS” Every year there are thousands of people who are left fascinated by the experience of sliding at high speed on traditional and unique ” Cars Cart ” , mainly tourists visiting the region. Carro de Cesto This type of car emerged around 1850 in Funchal . These cars are made by hand , with wicker and wood , and have two seats . Are driven and controlled by two paths (the name given to people who maneuver this car ) , dressed in white…

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Hotels in Madeira Island - Things to do in madeira 4 Excursions 

Hotels in Madeira Island – Things to do in madeira

As important as the purpose of the journey is where replenish energy. The accommodation in Madeira is quite wide, from the exquisite honored traditional hotels, the modernity of the five star hotels, friendly hospitality of holiday cottages which allow close contact with nature or the traditional and welcoming the 5stars hotels Madeira. Madeira offers a wide range of quality accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets, where hospitality, personalized service, good taste and quality are the dominant features. The choice will always be yours, but our extensive experience can help…

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Sport Holidays in Madeira Islands - Rappel, Slide and Climbing in Madeira 5 Excursions Madeira Island News 

Sport Holidays in Madeira Islands – Rappel, Slide and Climbing in Madeira

Sport Holidays In Madeira Land activities – Rappel, Slide and Climbing Madeira’s volcanic origins and its rugged mountainous relief are a guarantee of adventurous moments. To summit the impressive and magnificent mountains bursting directly from the sea is a memorable conquest for any climber worth his salt. The favoured areas for climbing are the central mountain range, the sea cliffs and some of the northern cliffs. Sport Holidays in Madeira Sport Holidays in Madeira Islands The mild climate of  Madeira and Porto Santo Islands is ideal for the practice of…

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Orienteering Madeira - Sport Holidays 6 Excursions Madeira Island News 

Orienteering Madeira – Sport Holidays

Land activities – Orienteering Madeira is distinctive, mountainous terrain and the rich diversity of the landscape make it a unique challenge for even the most experienced orienteering enthusiasts. Madeira has been developing its facilities for this sport in the last few years and already has a selection of maps and a large number of fans.  The archipelago’s mild climate and excellent hotels have been attracting lots of orienteers from different countries, particularly from Northern Europe, for whom the island is the ideal spot for training. Orienteering Madeira Sport Holidays in Madeira Islands…

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Sport Holidays in Madeira Islands - Canyoning Madeira 7 Excursions Madeira Island News Madeira News 

Sport Holidays in Madeira Islands – Canyoning Madeira

Land activities – Canyoning Madeira is the ideal place for extreme sports, thanks also to its singular relief with deep valleys and imposing mountains. Getting down the rivers of Madeira is a way to see undiscovered and untouched parts of the island, while revelling in the exciting journey through transparent waters. During summer the northern rivers are the most appropriate, as the flows are high and there is enough white water to create an exciting challenge. During winter, however, we recommend the streams to the south, with gentler, quieter flows.…

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Porto Santo Golf Course - The green of golden island 8 Excursions PORTO SANTO 

Porto Santo Golf Course – The green of golden island

The new golf course of Porto Santo, designed by champion Severiano Ballesteros, crosses the island from the dunes to the dramatic basalt cliffs. Offers a perfect combination – natural beauty and a challenging game. Porto Santo Golf Course The plan was made so that the field will blend with the landscape, and with great care to minimize the impact to the environment. The field has a full 18 holes, spread over 6.434 meters, a Par 72. It is characterized by two distinct areas – the southern route, traditionally American, dotted…

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The Santa Maria Flagship - Funchal, Madeira Island 9 Excursions 

The Santa Maria Flagship – Funchal, Madeira Island

Madeira pirate boat – Santa Maria de Colombo This magnificent replica of Christopher Columbus’s Flag ship “THE SANTA MARIA “ was built on the island of Madeira, between July 1997 and Jully 1998, in the fishing village of Camara de Lobos by Robert Wijntje, a dutchman and by local craftsmen. In 1998, the SANTA MARIA represented the Madeira Wine Expo 98 in Lisbon, where she was visited by 97.016 people in only 25 days. Since then thousands more have sailed and continue to sail aboard the SANTA MARIA, experiencing more…

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