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Madeira Events

Further information consult the Tourist Entertainment Calendars for Madeira Island Carnival Festivities 11th to 18th February – Entertainment in downtown Funchal 14th February– Great Allegoric Carnival Parade 17th February – Slapstick Parade Madeira Island Open (PGA European Tour) 19th to 22nd March Madeira Flower Festival 16th to 22nd April – Entertainment in downtown Funchal 18th April – The Wall of Hope Ceremony 19th April – Great Allegoric Flower Parade Atlantic Festival 6th, 13th, 20st and 27th June – Music and Fireworks Display Madeira Wine Rally 30th July to 1st August…

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New Year's Eve in Madeira 2 EVENTS Excursions Madeira Island News 

New Year’s Eve in Madeira

Madeira New year festivities – Reveillon Legend of Saint Sylvester New Year’s Eve in Madeira – On the last night of the year, being the Virgin Mary tilting in the skies over the ocean, St. Sylvester came to talk to her. The Virgin Mary confided in him the reason for her sadness: she recalled the lovely Atlantis, sunken by God as a punishment on its inhabitants. While she was speaking, Our Lady wept tears of sadness and compassion. St. Sylvester noticed that they were not tears but real pearls. One of…

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Wonderful Madeira Island 3 Attention Excursions Levadas Walks 

Wonderful Madeira Island

Many call it the pearl of the Atlantic or the Garden of the Atlantic; others call it the Hawaii of Europe. I call it home: this is Madeira. Madeira is an island where we have four seasons in one day, where we can drive above the clouds, where you can surf at 9 in the morning, and just half an hour later take a walk in the immense Laurus forest dating back to the Miocene and Pliocene periods of the Tertiary period, 20 million years ago. It’s a geological and…

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Cristiano Ronaldo birthplace - The beautifull Madeira Island 4 Excursions Madeira News PRODUCTS 

Cristiano Ronaldo birthplace – The beautifull Madeira Island

Yes, it’s true. He, the magician, was born here, dribbled, took his first steps, side-footed his first goal, screamed for his first penalty and pleaded for the other toddler to be sent off. I speak, of course, of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, arguably the greatest footballer in the world. His birthplace was Funchal, capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira, a volcanic island in the North Atlantic, washed by the Gulf Stream and warmed by the African sun, the nearest land mass 400 miles away. Cristiano Ronaldo birthplace Forget…

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The north of Madeira Island 5 Excursions Levadas Walks LOCALS Madeira Island News 

The north of Madeira Island

The North of Madeira using its miles of both wild and natural shore will provide you with an unforgettable scene using a unique flora and fauna and will help you realize the volcanic sources of that amazing island. The North of the Island is only one hour’s drive from Funchal and also the discovery of that part of Madeira can help you recognize the island, its firm, the creativity and adaptability of its people, their courage and their audacity. Madeira is a rich and extensive destination and we recommend all…

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8 Things To Do in Madeira Excursions Holidays homes Madeira News 

8 Things To Do in Madeira Islands

With its outstanding mix of stunning natural beauty, quaint historic towns and inviting year-round climate, the lovely Portuguese island of Madeira is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. The archipelago, which technically comprises Madeira, Porto Santo and the nature-protected Desertas Islands, lies splendidly isolated in the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere 1000 km from the European mainland and 520 km from the coast of Africa. Take a Levada Walk Madeira is especially famous for its spectacular Levada walks, and for good reason. These old waterways that dot the…

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Madeira Cherry Festival 6 EVENTS Excursions Madeira News 

Madeira Cherry Festival

Date: 14, 15 June Local: Jardim da Serra The rural village of Jardim da Serra, located in the upper part of Câmara de Lobos, hosts the Cherry Festival, a popular event that promotes the local tradition of this parish. This festivity oers a wide range of sports and leisure activities that culminate with an ethnographic parade in a tribute to the harvesting of this delicious fruit.

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Discover Madeira (videos)

Meet the most beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean, here are some videos that depict what good has this archipelago. Come visit us. Introducing Madeira Islands An Ocean of Adventures Whale and Dolphin watching  Diving Porto Santo Island Madeira Island Natural Diversity Food and Drink Spa and Wellness Adventure Surf in Madeira Nightlife in Madeira Levadas Walks Golf Madeira Laurissilva Old Madeira Discover Madeira

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Meeting Canyoning Madeira 7 EVENTS Excursions Madeira Island News 

Meeting Canyoning Madeira

Clube Naval perform Seixal organizes Meeting Canyoning Madeira. Meeting Canyoning Madeira is a event organized by the Sailing Club of Seixal and the Mountain Camping Federation of Portugal. This event has as principal goal promoting Madeira’s tremendous capacity for the practice of the sports activity, and encouraging the discussion and exchange of experiences between practitioners. It includes workshops and lectures open to the participation of people of different nationalities. During this event, participants have the chance to go through several canyons in various areas most of which are situated in…

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Carro de Cesto: The traditional transport in Funchal 8 Excursions Madeira News PRODUCTS 

Carro de Cesto: The traditional transport in Funchal

CAR BASKET OR “CARRO DE CESTOS” Every year there are thousands of people who are left fascinated by the experience of sliding at high speed on traditional and unique ” Cars Cart ” , mainly tourists visiting the region. Carro de Cesto This type of car emerged around 1850 in Funchal . These cars are made by hand , with wicker and wood , and have two seats . Are driven and controlled by two paths (the name given to people who maneuver this car ) , dressed in white…

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