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Glasgow to Madeira travelling

The Jet2 started earlier this summer over a regular operation originating in the British market for the Madeira Airport . Tickets are on sale in .In the first flight arrived in Madeira about 154 passengers on a Boeing B737 – 800 to 189 seats . To mark this new operation Glasgow, the Madeira Airports have welcomed passengers on the first flight landed offering flowers and Madeira wine . The UK is the second largest emitter to Madeira market accounting in 2013 , 441 328 passengers , about 18.6 %…

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Madeira Airport

The Madeira Airport ( FNC code for town of Funchal ) , also called Funchal Airport and is positioned within the municipality of Santa Cruz on the island of Madeira , there may be one other on the island of Porto Santo ( PXO ). It has nice motion vacationer from throughout Europe and likewise essential cargo motion to provide your entire archipelago. Madeira Airport was inaugurated on July eight, 1964 with a runway 1,600 meters lengthy. The archipelago has thus gained new connections to the Portuguese mainland , since…

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