Madeira Chestnut Festival at Nuns Valley 1EVENTS 

Madeira Chestnut Festival at Nuns Valley

November 3
Organized by the House of People ‘s Nun’s Valley in order to stimulate and promote this important regional agricultural product , the event is an opportunity for the many visitors taste the delicacies and dried fruit derived from this : roasted nuts , cakes and liqueurs .
The occasion is also harnessed to promote a contest gastronomic local restaurants .

Madeira Chestnut Festival

Madeira Chestnut Festival picture

Come to taste the Nuns Valley Chestnut !

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2 Thoughts to “Madeira Chestnut Festival at Nuns Valley”

  1. Pat

    Chestnut Festival is not what you imagine. The place is heaving with people, bars and stalls are crammed either side of the roads. The procession is long, noisy and co!ourful.Bands, singers, costumes everywhere, floats and animals. Very cowded and today with high temperatures the chestnuts weren’t the only things that were roasted.

  2. Henry

    The Curral is beautiful, great scenery. I loved being there. The Madeira is so so beautiful…

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