Funchal Market Night at Christmas in Madeira "Noite do Mercado no Funchal" 1EVENTS 

Funchal Market Night at Christmas in Madeira “Noite do Mercado no Funchal”

The night market is a growing but more cemented and traditions of the holiday season in the Madeira Archipelago . Place par excellence for socializing and demonstration of the true Christmas spirit Madeira.

The Night Market is one of the most important events that take place in December in Madeira . Every year , the December 23 event repeats on streets around the Farmers Market .

Funchal Market Night

It is a party -oriented traditional and popular culture , which brings thousands of islanders and visitors to the streets . If you like meeting new people, culture , traditions , this is the place to expand your knowledge .

Throughout the evening , the streets of Funchal are filled with stalls where you can taste typical dishes from madeirsense and traditional drinks like the famous Regional Poncha , made ​​with brandy, honey and lemon juice ; Nikita with alcohol , made ​​with milkshake, ice cream , slice of pineapple, coral beer and wine without alcohol dry and Nikita made ​​based beaten cream .

Funchal Market Night

The Night Market , the population of Madeira has a tradition of eating the delicious wine and garlic beef ( pork seasoned with wine and garlic) , accompanied with a glass of wine or orange juice . After indulging in the famous meat , eat the tasty tangerines region .

Do the same with us and enjoy this snack! At midnight on 23 December, all the people gather in the Farmers Market , to sing the songs of Christmas. It’s a night full of joy and conviviality among family and friends .

Enjoy your visit to the market to meet the various stalls of fruit and vegetables regional . It is an opportunity to buy some local products .

What eat on Christmas Madeira and Porto Santo

Christmas is in the tradition confeccionarem are some typical dishes of Madeira and Porto Santo , as the flesh of wine and garlic and chicken soup . Besides these there are a variety of drinks and pastries very much appreciated Christmas and End of the Year .

One of the many attractions of Madeira and Porto Santo is its magnificent cuisine.

Madeira has many typical dishes of the holiday season from cakes , pies , candies , liqueurs , and as he could not miss the famous wine and garlic beef and chicken soup .

Funchal Market Night

The garlic meat or meat and wine – vine d’alhos is one of the most popular plates and thus deserves special attention. This is a typical dish of the holiday season and emerged as a replacement to put cod , very made ​​on the Continent . The pork is cut into cubes and marinate in going to wine and garlic, hence its name .

This dish is usually made ​​on 8 December , the feast of the Immaculate Conception . Yet on this day there is a tradition of pig slaughter , resulting in a chat with family , friends and neighbors . Another dish too and made ​​known on Christmas night is chicken soup Madeira , served in small bowls or cups .

Besides the traditional dishes , there are other delicacies much appreciated as honey cake , the scones and honey cake typical family. The honey cake is perhaps the best-known delicacy of traditional Madeiran confectionery . It’s a cake rich and varied in ingredients , among which are the sugar syrup and spices .

The homemade liqueurs , also part of the Christmas traditions of Madeira . It is tradition for women to make liqueurs varied flavors , including aniseed liqueur , mandarin liqueur , banana liqueur , cherry liqueur , and cherry tintantum .

These liqueurs are usually accompanied with traditional pastries . Another tradition that still lives on today is the habit of putting the shoe on the fireplace to put presents. Currently , children still do very euphoric .


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