Madeira World Games

Traditions and games in nature

The second edition of Madeira World Games (MWG) is dedicated to the theme “Competition, Leisure, Tradition and Culture” an event which integrates for the second time Madeira Nature Festival activities and is sponsored by several entities connected with the tourism sector and Nature activities.
For the second consecutive year, the region hosts the Festival? Nature of? Madeira. Machico was chosen stage and already has 725 subscribers.

Madeira World Games

Madeira World Games picture

After the success of the first edition – played in September 2012 Wood , in the municipalities of Calheta ? Porto Moniz , Naval Club Seixal – the promoter , together with business GFVc – Fractional Global Vision Consultancy and TH – Theoria , and Strong support of the Regional ? Tourism ? Culture , returned to join efforts to pass the event to have the ‘ nature ‘ of international brand , as in the edition of 2014. It is certain that this year’s event, which takes place between 4 and 6 October in the municipality of Machico , already has 725 subscribers, almost half a thousand more than the inaugural .

This initiative is the realization concept of ‘ games ‘ designed Sea , Sierra Air and Madeira , to designing and preserve the ‘ Nature of the Region ‘ and streamline the cultural traditions of the local base , linked to the active tourism , rural tourism and residential and foster international cooperation in the Atlantic space .

Lawrence Nurseries , one of the elements of the organization , was pleased by the strong adhesion of Madeira and not only the proof of this year. ” The number of applicants is reflected in the strong focus of the project , cherished by the Regional ? Tourism and Culture , and is proof that sport , nature and all the clubs and associations involved continues to captivate people. I think we’re on track for the process of internationalization of these MWG is already a reality in 2014 . ”

” Also this year we changed the format of the competitions and for that we have the support of various clubs and associations will be responsible for various tests . The event gets richer and is also a form of these partners get more support with respect to other funds in the future , “he concluded .


Friday ( 4  October) :
17 hours – Press Conference ( Forum Machico ) .
20.30 – Proof Guidance urban nightlife.

Saturday (5 October) :
9 18.30 – Surf .
9 to 17:30 – Endurance Trail Running and biking .

Sunday ( 6  October) :
9 18.30 – Bodyboard .
9 to 12:30 – Canoeing and Swimming Open Water .
13 hours – Closing Party ( awards ceremony ) .


24,000 – euros , is the limiting value of the financial contribution given by the Regional Government to this project , considered a hub for tourist activities and simultaneously promoting destination Madeira

725 – is the number of entries for the 2013 edition of the MWG . However, this value may increase once the organization has not closing entries . In 2012 the number of members was 200 .

7 – arrangements will be in evidence in Wood World Games . They are: Canoeing , Open Water Swimming , Orienteering , Trail Running , biking , surfing and bodyboarding . Note that these activities will take place in Machico , Porto da Cruz and Caniçal .

Madeira World Games

Madeira World Games
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