Madeira Flowers – The charm of our flowers

Madeira is a garden with many flowers authentic endemic species, ie, that only exist in Madeira, as well as over the years, flowers from all over the world have adapted well on our island, a result of climate and land fantastic for these species. Below are some flower species most known and sought after by those who visit us.

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Madeira Flowers Pictures

The city of Funchal on the Portuguese island of Madeira celebrates Spring with a brilliant…and fragrant…weeklong spectacle. It’s the Madeira Festival of Flowers. Buildings, parks, streets and children (!) all get decorated during the festivities. This year’s theme “Madeira – The Route of Flowers” pays tribute to the many centuries Funchal has been a port-of-call to international travelers. The Festival of Flowers takes place 9-15 May.

Due to its ideal climate, foliage and flowers abound on Madeira. Flower species from across the world can be found here, originally brought by traders making stops in this popular Atlantic port. Today, the Festival of Flowers honors the springtime blooming of these beautiful flowers with a full week of events, activities and exhibitions.

Madeira Flowers

Madeira Flowers – The charm of our flowers
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    Beautiful flowers of the wood, I’ll visit your island soon

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