Santana Madeira a World Biosphere Reserve

The municipality of Santana , located on the northern island of Madeira , was awarded in the month of June 2011 by UNESCO with the distinction of ” Biosphere Reserve ” , recognizing the richness of an ecosystem where it seeks to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use. This reserve includes a land component , corresponding to the entire surface of the municipality emerged and also a marine component , which has a wide range of human and natural values ​​, scenic , environmental and cultural interests of…

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Madeira News 

best island destination – Madeira Island nominated for best island

World Travel Awards are delivered on November 30 After being elected in September as the best island destination in Europe , Madeira will compete for the world title in the same category , the World Travel Awards . best island destination To win the category , Madeira will have to measure forces with Bali (Indonesia ) , Barbados , Cook Islands, Crete ( Greece) , Jamaica , Maldives , Mauritius , Seychelles, Sicily, Santa Lucia and Zanzibar ( Tanzania) . Created in 1993 , the World Travel Awards recognize the…

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