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Cristiano Ronaldo hotel in Madeira may be soon

Is under wraps , but everything comes together for the Pestana Group and Madeiran footballer Cristiano Ronaldo interests would converge to the opening of a joint unit in Madeira . The administrator of the Pestana Group , Luigi Valle , has said that , on this matter, there is nothing that the group can act, and that , if any , will.

Cristiano Ronaldo hotel

Cristiano Ronaldo hotel

However, because of not having said one clearly not , nor have taken the reverse, may imply the likelihood they have already been some contacts . Assuming the number of hotel units that already exist Pestana Madeira , so do not feel very attracted to invest more on the island which emerged can be an investment of the Real Madrid player and other potential investors , getting Dionisio Pestana with management, taking advantage of the knowledge we already have around the world . Would join the business with pleasure .


In this context , there are various possibilities that can be realized as the land of Praia Formosa , Funchal , where the Pestana Group is already present , it can be one of great possibilities.

One name that has been advanced to the hotel that the player himself devalued in recent trip to Madeira for the inauguration of the Museum CR7 , stating that journalists knew more than he would Pestana Pestana CR7 CR7 and not how it came to refer in some medium . This is consistent with for the rest of the group , named Pestana always first appointment .

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