The north of Madeira Island

The North of Madeira with its miles of wild and natural coast will offer you an unforgettable spectacle with a unique fauna and flora and will help you understand the volcanic origins of that amazing island.
The North of the Island is only one hour’s drive from Funchal and the discovery of that part of Madeira will help you understand the island, its organization, the ingenuity and adaptability of its inhabitants, their courage and their audacity.
Madeira is a rich and comprehensive destination and we recommend all travelers to visit the north of the island, and especially nature and authenticity lovers.

São Vicente Caves and Volcanism Centre

The Centre manages to convey culture and education in a very entertaining way by providing the visitors with audiovisual demonstrations of volcanic eruptions and the birth of an island.
Of Volcanic origin, the São Vicente Caves are composed of a series of lava tubes, result of an eruption that happened 400 thousand years ago.

The North Of Madeira Island


The place is ideal for watching the two parts of the island. The Belvedere Boca da Encumeada is located on the edge of the island from which you can see both the north and the south .
Tips: Pack a sweater or a jacket because the temperature on the heights can be much colder than in the valley.

Santana Houses

Madeirans no longer live in small triangular houses as shown in postcards but you can still find a few ones in Santana. As a tourist, you will enjoy a small village of restored houses now used as shops and the tourism office of Santana. While strolling you will see a few houses of that kind in the north of Madeira, but this time they are used for storing equipment and livestock.

The north of Madeira Island

Parque Temático da Madeira

Here is an activity for the whole family: a visit to the theme park of Madeira. The park’s main theme is Madeira, its people, its traditions, its origins, its history. A good way to discover the history of Madeira in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. You will see the traditional crafts of the island, you will learn how bread was made, and how to braid wicker. In one word, you will immerse yourself in the history of the islands.

Adults: 10 euros, children: 8 euros
Open every day from 10:00 to 19:00


Madeira Jeep Tour

A large part of Madeira is difficult to reach and the Jeep Safari tour is a surprising, but funny way to discover the island. Fortunately you will not have to shoot with a rifle on local animals (actually there are very few big animals in Madeira due to the medium size of the island) but you’ll need to hang on tight to where you can because the road is uneven and you may be shaken all the way through! The Safari Tour will take you to the heart of the forests of Madeira.
The Safari Tour team is very professional. They know and love their island. They will help you discover the authentic Madeira and will take you to the different parts of the island.
Tips: Choose the places you want to see with the help of your guide and, according to your budget and your preferences, book it for 2 hours or for the entire day. The north of Madeira Island.

Seixal Waterfall (Véu da Noiva)

In this charming northern town, with ist small terraces where the local grapes are grown, is a small black-sanded beach called Praia de Laje. It also has two natural swimming pools. From the Belvedere of Seixal you can see the Bridal Veil (Véu de noiva), a waterfall that flows into the ocean.

The north of Madeira Island

Pico do Arieiro

In Madeira the deep blue sea, the intouched forests and wildlife of a rare beauty, the fauna and flora are just amazing, but that’s not all!
If you choose to rent a car or go on a tour (difficult access by public transport) visit one of the three highest peaks in the beautiful volcanic island: Pico do Arieiro.
Once you’ve reached one of the highest peaks in the island, sit for a moment and breath the pure air and enjoy the incredible views of the mountains of Madeira. At times, you will see small houses isolated in the mountains. The legend says that the people who live there have never seen the sea and that the beauty and richness of the Mountain of Madeira are enough to make them happy.
Tips: Pico do Arieiro is partly accessible for people with reduced mobility and has a small parking. Before “conquering” the mountains’, take a quick glance at the port to see how many cruise ships arrived in the morning; that will give you a small idea of how quiet it is. For the most adventurous ones, put on your walking shoes and join the highlight of Madeira, Pico Ruivo (about 3 hours’ walk / 10km).

Porto Moniz (Natural Pools)

Take your car and go to the north of Madeira and discover Seixal and Porto Moniz. With new roads, carved in the mountains, the trip which took in the past the entire day, will be done in 1 hour! In the region of Porto Moniz, you can find three natural swimming pools filled with salt water, as well as one natural black sand beach. The pools are formed by natural volcanic rock structures which allow the cool, fresh sea water to enter every tide, offering a refreshing experience to those who swim in them. With the aid of a mask, it is possible to admire the small fish that swim freely at the bottom of the pools.
Tips: Madeira is a unique destination in different ways. Do not miss the natural pools, a unique attraction for 1-2 euros

The North Of Madeira

The north of Madeira Island
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