Meeting Canyoning Madeira

Clube Naval do Seixal organizes Meeting Canyoning Madeira 2014 6 to 11 June.

Meeting Canyoning Madeira is an event organized by the Sailing Club of Seixal and the Mountain Camping Federation of Portugal.
This event has as main purpose promoting Madeira’s enormous potential for the practice of this sports activity, and encouraging the interaction and exchange of experiences between practitioners. It includes workshops and lectures open to the participation of people of various nationalities.
During this event, participants have the opportunity to go through several canyons in various areas most of which are located in the north and inland parts of tthe island.

Clube Naval do Seixal

Located in the north of Madeira, the Clube Naval do Seixal (CNS) is a non-profit association, founded in 1994, with the primary statutory objective, the development of recreational and sports activities related to the sea and the mountain in the parish Seixal.
Equipped with its own facilities at the pier Seixal, has approximately 220 members. In sport has 4 sections: Canoeing, Diving, Swimming and Mountain.
Mountain Section, was founded with the aim of providing its associated nature lovers a regular practice of sport activities linked to this natural paradise landscape.

Meeting Canyoning Madeira
The first is to conduct walking tours where we make known the natural beauty existing in our mountains and valleys, taken by many, trails and paths, knowing just a little more “hidden Madeira.”

Programme Meeting Canyoning Madeira 2014

Meeting Canyoning Madeira

Meeting Canyoning Madeira


Meeting Canyoning Madeira
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