Gallo d’Oro restaurant Il retains Michelin star

Awardedfor the firsttime in 2009, is the first andonly restaurantto receive this distinctionin Madeirato date.
IlGallod’OroRestaurant (The CliffBay hotel in Funchal), sawagain  the 7thconsecutive yearitsMichelinstar in themost influentialreferencerestaurants in the world, theMichelinGuide.The award wasannounced inMarbella(Spain) at the galapresentation of theMichelinGuidePortugal and Spainin 2015.

Gallo D'Oro Restaurant'Oro restaurant

Gallo d’Oro restaurant

Launch ofbookMadeira byChefBenoîtSinthon
The bookwas launched atthe FarmersMarketin Funchal,curiouslyone dayafter beingrenewedMichelinstardistinctionto IlGaloD’Oro, The Cliff BayHotel, where ‘lies’ BenoîtSinthon.
This bookChefBenoîtrestaurantIlGallod’Oro (Cliff BayH0tel) pays homageto Madeira, its landscapesand itsprocessed productsfor its cuisineinhaute cuisinedishes, is accompanied byLuisVilhenatextsfor photosHenrySerucaanddesignauthored byRubinaSantos.

Gallo D’Oro Restaurant

Gallo d’Oro restaurant Il retains Michelin star Banner

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