CR7 museum will spend 115,000 visits in its first year

TheCR7Museum inFunchal, Madeira Island,is about tocomplete ayear.It wasinaugurated onDecember 15, 2013andup tothis pointhas been visited byover105,000people.Up toone year ofexistencethe museumshouldspend115,000visits providedby those responsible, fruit alsothis time of yearthe number of touristson the islandis higher.

CR7 museum

Museumboasts over140trophies
ThemuseumCriatianoRonaldoisunique in the world, allyour premiums, photographicestateand momentseitherprofessionalor familyare scatteredthrough space.Another relevant factMuseum isthe statue inwaxplayer, full-size, attractiveto visitorswho are keen totakea picturenext toCR7andalsoothermoretechnological spacewherea virtualphotographycanbe done withCristianoRonaldo, whichis thensharedin theCR7MuseumFacebookpage.
TheCR7Museumis arrangedin an area of400m2, and the floorhasan L-shape, paved withcobblestoneanddecorated with thesymbolCR7. It is open Monday-Saturday from 10 am to18 hours – CR7 museum.

CristianoMuseumwill changelocation
The MuseumofCristiano Ronaldowillswitch to atourist areain the city centermorepresicamentenear theport of Funchal, in order to capturetourists arrivingoncruises.
Through the companyhaswith his brotherHugoAveiroMussara: Spaces Management andEvents –Ronaldogavean application forthe explorationof public space, locatedeast of theSeaSquarewhere, on 21stDecemberwill be inauguratedthe statue of theplayer –and thathas an areaof about477m2.

CR7 museum

CR7 Museum

CR7 museum will spend 115,000 visits in its first year Banner

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